BOWLING versus MINI BOWLING... advice?

  1. Hiya ladies!

    What is the size difference between the two? Are they both shoulder bags? Pros and cons? TIA!
  2. Hi. I don't have either but here is a picture of the Bowling Bag. It's from the sale that starts on the 28th here in the UK that I have mentioned in other posts.

    It looks really beautiful.

    Hope this helps:yes:
    Bowling bag.jpg
  3. i like mini's so cute :smile:
  4. i have tried them on, but not comfortable with the shape. although i think it's cute, it just doesn't fit with my personality.
    but if i have to choose, i'll go for the big bowler :p
  5. Here is a pic of the Mini Bowling Vs Bowling.

    I prefer the mini bowling
    DSC01224.JPG DSC01226.JPG
  6. I love how they both look, but imagine the mini would work better. the large one hints at bottomless pit syndrome.
  7. ^^ yup, that's exactly what I thought! I'll have to dig and dig each time I wanna take something out of the bowling, but I'd imagine that if someone is carrying a A4 file, it'll probably fit just right in it. Both are more or less ok shoulder carried, but I thought the bowling looks a little too long when hand carried. Mini bowling looks real cute when hand/arm carried. I'm actually toying with the idea of getting a bowling...
  8. Here is the large Bowling one and i think it looks really nice if you are tall and slim.:yes: I am really liking it but not 100% sure yet.:graucho:
  9. I have the mini bowler and its really a great size. here are a few pics. sorry for the poor quality- camera phone:shame:
    mini bowler.jpg mini bowler 2.jpg mini bowler 3.jpg
  10. nice pics Jem!
  11. thanks MBL
  12. Thanks for the pics Jem! The mini bowling is soo cute. I want one.
  13. ^^ the mini rocks, i've got a black one :rochard:
  14. I like the large bowler better!
  15. Thanks for the pics and your opinions ladies! :flowers:

    I love 'em both! :graucho: But I think I am leaning towards the larger one for a summer work bag - I currently have a Black Shopping for a winter work bag.