BOWLING versus MINI BOWLING... advice?


The Odd Mod
Apr 19, 2006
Hiya ladies!

What is the size difference between the two? Are they both shoulder bags? Pros and cons? TIA!
Hi. I don't have either but here is a picture of the Bowling Bag. It's from the sale that starts on the 28th here in the UK that I have mentioned in other posts.

It looks really beautiful.

Hope this helps:yes:


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^^ yup, that's exactly what I thought! I'll have to dig and dig each time I wanna take something out of the bowling, but I'd imagine that if someone is carrying a A4 file, it'll probably fit just right in it. Both are more or less ok shoulder carried, but I thought the bowling looks a little too long when hand carried. Mini bowling looks real cute when hand/arm carried. I'm actually toying with the idea of getting a bowling...
Here is the large Bowling one and i think it looks really nice if you are tall and slim.:yes: I am really liking it but not 100% sure yet.:graucho:


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I have the mini bowler and its really a great size. here are a few pics. sorry for the poor quality- camera phone:shame:


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Thanks for the pics and your opinions ladies! :flowers:

I love 'em both! :graucho: But I think I am leaning towards the larger one for a summer work bag - I currently have a Black Shopping for a winter work bag.