Bowling Montaigne pics?

  1. If you have (or can take) a pic of you carrying your Bowling Montaigne, I'd love to see it, particularly the PM. I've wanted an Alma for a long time, but I'm considering this now instead. Thanks!
  2. Here are ichelle's modeling pics!

  3. Thanks Margaritaxmix, I love it! Is that the PM? Can I ask how tall you are?
  4. Oops, sorry, I misread. I'll contact Ichelle if she doesn't happen to respond in this thread. Thanks again!
  5. That is the PM, according to her original thread.
  6. Yes a PM , THE gm has the silver clasp.I love them both-but prefer the size of the PM, ESPECIALLY IN IVORY:heart:
  7. Or in cassis :drool:
  8. I know, I'm personally dying for one in cassis...or perhaps a lockit! Although I heard they weren't making cassis in the lockit...:sad: