bowling bag

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  1. is anyone thinking about getting the bowling bag?

    I think it's so cute. But I can't justify the price for something so tiny
  2. Any pics please??
  3. I'll try to find a pic to post. It looks like a turtle. I want to own a piece of Carminio and it is between this or the iron bag... but this is like $1980
  4. Sorry, I don't know which bag this is. Maybe you will be able to find a picture.
  5. need to see pics...
  6. Is the bowling bag the same as the Montaigne?
  7. No it is this turtle-looking round thing... I have been scouring the web for pics but no luck...
  8. Did you say turtle!?:nuts: I've got to see the pics!!
  9. OK, so I still haven't been able to find pics online, but I kept looking at the Carminio one at the boutique, then it was sold and they only had the Nero. I was contemplating the Nero during the Angelito's sale, but decided to wait because I wanted the Carminio. My SA at the Costa Mesa BV boutique is now ordering me a Carminio one so I can go in and look at it before I buy. I am 80% sold on the bag and can't wait until it gets in. Just an update! Has anyone been able to find pics online? Once again, it kind of looks like a turtle but they call it the bowling bag...
  10. Is this it? They used to have it in red
  11. I have never seen this bag before. I like the shape.

    Bunkie - who is your SA at SCP?
  12. nizlay - that's not it, although close! The one I refer to is a dome-shape, opens with a zipper on top (but has a harder casing/not soft) and above the zipper has the one clasp that flaps over like for the Roma. But it's a hand-held, smaller item. That one is cute too!

    uclaboi - my SA is Hannah. Who do you use?
  13. aaagghh, I really need to see it!! does it come in any other colours?
  14. Mid-, it comes in Nero, Ebano and this season's Carminio.
  15. Thanks Bunkie, so it comes in ebano!! I shall call the boutique and hopefully see it in person!!