Bowling Bag or Bow Satchel?

  1. Stuck in between the two designs from MM... I have my mind made up on the colour though - smoky grey!

    Any opinions on the two designs? I am chinese, not that tall, around 1.6m. I am worried that the bow design will look huge and heavy on me...
  2. I think the bowling bag is more of a classic than the bow satchel, so in my opinion it's a bag that you can still use in a couple of years. Though the bow bag is really cute and different so if you like that style, then go for it. It comes in different sizes so maybe the smaller is better for you? :yes:
  3. is the bowling bag patent, embossed and longish? i do find the bow satchel a tad massive. imagine it being stuffed; it'd look better being handheld if it's stuffed.. i'm slightly shorter than you. as for the bowling bag, i find it's less bulky as a sling bag. personally, i'm not good with longish bags. if it's deeper and not so long, i'd prefer it to the bow.