Bowler Pleat Detail Bag - What do you think?

  1. I was browsing around Net-A-Porter this afternoon and ran across this beauty.

    I have no business even looking, really, but cannot help myself. Has anyone tried one of these on IRL or owns one?

    One of the reasons it caught my attention is that I am looking for a lighter neutral for spring. I don't do well with white, although I admire ladies who can pull that off.

    Many thanks in advance for sharing your opinions.
  2. what do you mean you 'have no business looking?' of course you do. you can always look. :devil: it's the buying, or not being able to resist temptation that gets you into trouble.

    as for the bag, i like the color, but i'm not crazy about the pleats. there's too many of them imo. not to gross you out or anything, but it reminds me of the backs of hissing cockroaches or i just might be crazy. if you really like it, you should go for it!
  3. Hahahaha! Hissing cockroaches are pretty gross. :throwup: I definitely appreciate the honesty as well as the imagery. For the $$$, I need something perfect, or at least closer to perfect. I'm going to keep looking.

    I so wish there was a MJ store in my area. The dept. stores here who carry his stuff have an okay selection, but not great. I suppose the bright side of not having an MJ store in the area, is that the bags are a little more rare here, and I like to be a little unique. Ah...I digress. Thanks again for your insight.