Bowler Owners

  1. What Luxe Bowler bag size is the most popular and funtional?
  2. You mean the cambon or the luxe bowler?
  3. Thanks, elongreach I am still learning the different names of the chanel line. I edited the post.:yes:
  4. I think the medium is the best. the small one does not fit under your armpit and is kinda long, the large one is just too bulky. the medium one is the right size!!
  5. Thanks, that helps.
  6. I am 5'8 and I my mom bought me the large metallic bowler in gold. I love it, love it.
  7. Medium is the most popular and most practical for most people.
  8. The medium is the best. It fits everything I carry (wallet, cell phone, i-pod, gum, lv pochette, and more) and it's super durable.
  9. I own the medium gold bowler and it suits me perfectly.:yes: