bowler or baby cabas?

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  1. it seems like the baby cabas have stolen all the spot light! at least for me!! what do you guys think is hotter and has lasting power? the bowler or the baby cabas? or both...hehe :yahoo:
  2. which Bowler?
  3. lux!! :smile:
  4. Oh okay!
    Luxe Bowler then!:yes:
  5. I say both!! :yes: But if you can only have one, I saw bowler because I have yet to see the Baby Cabas that did not really help. :s Sorry.:confused1:
  6. I love the luxury bowlers, but I haven't seen the baby cabas IRL either.:s
  7. I love the baby cabas too, but I think in terms of mileage, the luxe bowler is simply magnificent... especially in that metallic black! :drool:
  8. in terms of lasting mileage, definitely the luxe bowler.
  9. the baby cabas definitely! the bowler seems rather uncomfortable to carry on the shoulder...
  10. luxe bowler first for me!
  11. both.....:yes:
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