bowel cancer

  1. in 2000 my grandfather was diagnosed with bowel cancer and he pulled through ok but it took a while and mistakes were made with his radiotherapy and chemo that have caused lots of lasting problems.
    this week we found out that my gran (his wife) has an abnormal lump on the outside wall of her bowel and is going into hospital next week to have tests to see if its cancerous.
    im so frightened for her right now because it was really tough with my grandad and she is panicing a little.
    i know every case is different so im trying to stay positive but it is so hard.

    i remember reading a few years ago that at least one person knows someone who is affected by cancer but this year my uncle and his mother died of it, 2 years ago my aunt had a double mastectomy and now this.

    things like this really put other petty worries into perspective. and although im still young and not really at risk i am going to the doctors this week to talk about routine screening, do you think this is a good idea?
  2. I think it's a good idea to get checked now. Make sure you tell the doctor about your family members who've been affected by cancer. They make recommend some diet changes or things that you can do now that may help you prevent problems later on. :tup: