"bOwE" wanted to model this for you..

  1. Meet "Bowe"!! << Isnt he cute? :love:
    my dream is to own a big fat cat.. and a dog that looks like "Bowe"!
    Bowe insisted on modeling my new Signature Tie Dye Pouch for you:flowers:

    mmm.. but Pouch.. wanted a solo pic!! So i took one for her!!

    i am really happy i got it.. its s:huh::huh::huh::huh: cute for summer! and roomy enough for my things.. ofcourse for going out.. but not for work :Push:

    i must say its real color is like the last pic from coach's site. Cuase i am the worst photographer on planet earth ever! :oh:

    Hope u like it :shame:



    dog_coach1.jpg new_coach.jpg coach_pouch.jpg
  2. Cute!
  3. Awe!
  4. What a cutie! And the bear's not bad either!
  5. Love the bear! he's too cute!! Oh yea, Love the purse too hehe ;)
  6. lol! OMG thats the cutest picture ever! And great purse! Thank you for posting, he is quite the model :heart:3
  7. too cute!!
  8. AWWW cute!
  9. awww thanks all for ur sweet sweet comments!! :love: :shame:
    seems bOwE did a great job..i've always knew he had something for style! :cool: it just had to be explored and brought out to the surface! :P

    now i dont know what exactly u think is cute.. the dog or the pouch! :rolleyes:
    i'll take it as both ;)
  10. Great pics, great doggie, great pouch! They look good together. :P
  11. I love that purse, i got the wristlet of that haha but I was tempted to get that one too lols (: nice choice!!
  12. OMG! Your bOwE is adorable :heart: & the bag is awesome!!!
  13. Aww.. so cute ! I love the doggie, and gorgeous new bag. :biggrin:
  14. awwwwww sweeeeet sweeeeet comments!! from the sweeEeEetest PF members ever :heart: :love:
    bOwE is so :shame: looool

    thank you all again..:flowers: :flowers:

    oh.. the wristlet!! i was looking for that!! :yes: but its gone here already..!! well there is the other brown one.. and i held it.. it is really too small for me :noworry: but s:huh::huh::huh: cute!! i hope your enjoying yours dear.. plz do post pics!! we'd love to see it :love:
  15. Looks like you will be going back for another pouch, because I don't think bOwE should give it back! Looks great on him, very stylish : ) Looks very cute, congrats! Wear it in the best of health : )

    I wish you well,