Bow Stachel in Black and Nude Pink * Pics*

  1. I got the black one from Saks and the Nude one from the Miu Miu boutique. Not really loving the Nude, she just looks so dull, I don't know. I was so excited in getting a bag other than black, but I feel no love for her.:crybaby: Anyway, I wanted to share her pics before she goes back to the store. Enjoy. Second picture of the Nude was taken without flash, both colors are pretty accurate to its true color. Not sure if I'm keeping the black one either, uhm....
    IMG_7164.JPG IMG_7170.JPG IMG_7171.JPG
  2. I think the nude is really pretty but am not loving it either. I prefer the vintage-looking brown available for fall/winter, I think it has more character. I also like the grey and the dark brown. Imo, the Bow does not look good in black but that's just me. You seem rather unsure, give it another day or two, if still no love, best to return them and get one that you are in love with.
  3. I agree w/ Ms. Piggy. I think the choco brown one looks more vintage and has more character. The black is purdy too but you really do sound like you're not 100% sure about either. Nude is not my cup of tea. I say return and get yourself another bag you're in love with.
  4. I really like the nude. There was a picture of it in September Lucky magazine (the one w/Sarah Michelle Gellar on the cover) with a dark outfit, and it looks fantastic. I think it's a really pretty, different neutral that you don't see all the time, like brown or black.
  5. LOVE the nude one!!!!
  6. I really like the nude too! I'd have to keep it if I were you!
  7. I've seen the nude IRL.

    I love it, I think it is such a lovely and more importantly UNIQUE color and the hardware combo really works! The bag is eyecatching, IMO not dull at all. :tup:
  8. Is the black the large or the smaller version? I have been trying to find the smaller size in the black! I called the boutique today and got an answering machine. Ugh!

    I love the nude, too! That was my other choice.
  9. I love the nude one.
  10. For anyone who has seen the "nude" in person (Leah!) do you think it would hold up to dirt? Would it get dirty easily? Could I use it as an "interview" type bag or a work bag? Or is it too pale and different? TIA!!!
  11. i love the nude as looks really good in that style.
  12. ETenebris, I think you would have to care for it like you would any light-ish colored bag - eg. you wouldn't just plonk the bag down anywhere. The handles might need some caring too (eg. I wouldn't hand carry it after I've just applied hand lotion)

    It has a nice formal(ish) kind of look because the hardware/color combo makes it look clean and classic... so kind of dressy. Definitely perfect for an interview or work type of bag. I think it would help "dress up" a more casual outfit. But IMO it would also work as a good weekend bag because the color makes it a fun, weekend bag (eg. I sometimes avoid using dark colored bags during the weekends because it feels too workday week for me.)
  13. Oh, U got the bag that I wanted !!!! I saw the nude one on LUCKY mag, super cute. And I saw the smokey grey in Barneys, unique color. I'm not a black person. I look good with colors. I prefer the nude or dk brown :smile:

    Is it lightweight ????? what abt the handle ? Looks small to carry. It comes with straps rite?
  14. I love the nude :tup: Is it a pebbled leather like most Bow Satchels? I find that pebbled leather is not as delicate as the Nappa leather. It also seems to be more resilient and less likely to marks and scratches! :yes:
  15. Between the pics in Lucky and this post, I called and ordered a nude one yesterday afternoon from my fave Barneys SA! Can't wait for it to arrive!!