Bow satchel with lock

  1. Hi there,
    could anyone please tell me if the bow satchel with the clasp on the front should come with a key like the coffer bags do? Also do they have a serial number in the pocket? Thanks for all your help :smile:
  2. I don't think it comes with a key. Don't have it with me so can't check the serial number. Very pretty bag though !
  3. Oh it is! I love it I have one in grey :smile: Thank you for your response, if you could check and let me know that would be great...
  4. I think we have the same bag!
    Is the serial number in the zipped pocket? Is it a long #?
  5. Yey bag twins! Mine hasnt got a serial number in the pocket hence the question, was bought from selfridges and thought this a bit strange?
  6. Have you sprayed yours with any protector at all?
  7. Hmm so in the zipper pocket, I only see a made in Italy tag? No serial numbers. And i bought mine from boutique So I think we're ok! Do miu miu bags usually have a serial number? This is my first so I don't know.

    No...I'm so bad, I never spray any of my bags with anything! But after reading how delicate this leather is, it might need a spray of something. How's your bag holding up? I haven't used it a ton since I got it but looks good!
  8. Some dont but I thought it was more the older ones but I think we are ok too! :smile:
    Not yet as its new but not quite sure what to do with it, I normally spray with collonil waterstop.
  9. Sorry to thread jack, but do any of you know the name of this bag and if it's still available? I've been trying to track it down with no luck and your description sound exactly like the one I'm drooling after!
  10. Hmm not sure if it's still available! I got mine in early June and the SA said they were discontinuing the style. I always liked the bow bag but didnt like the fact that everyone seemed to have it. This one was a little diff and it wasn't going to be available anymore, figured no one else was getting it so that's why I got it. I'm not sure where I put the little card with the bag info but will look for it and post if I find it. Maybe you can drop by a boutique if you're close to one?
  11. Miu Miu bags do not have serial numbers.... And yes it's been discontinued. The style number was RT0471, it did not come with a key.
  12. Oh what a shame!
    It was a great idea for you to get it!
    I'll just have to lust after another style :p

    Thanks heaps for your help!