Bow Satchel on NM for $787 less 25%

  1. out of stock!!!

    That was fast!
  2. Actually, it's $ marks an add'l 25% off! Too bad it's white though. :sad:
  3. I tried clicking on the link and it says OUT OF STOCK.

    I don't think this bag was EVER available! Cos' I called NM this morning for the exact same color/model and the SA told me that it's been out of stock for a while.

    Maybe NM is trying to play tricks. ;p Such a coincidence that I called this morning and it suddenly became available.

    So for my peace of mind, I called NM again. The SA explained that sometimes the website is slow to update. E.g. something that was available 24 hours ago but sold 20 hours ago will still register as IN STOCK but in reality is out of stock.

    So disappointing!
  4. It just showed up and I typed as quickly as I could hoping a TPFer would get it.

    They had one a couple of days ago and I ordered it. I was afraid my order would get cancelled but it shows it shipped.

    Timing is everything. Keep watching.
  5. Anyways, at the risk of sounding like a crazy fanatic, I double checked BG and the SA said that I was the 3rd person to call asking about the white bow with no luck.

    He apologized again for the inaccurate website but pointed me to some lovely Marc Jacobs designs on sale.

    :smile: I'm really hoping to get the white bow for my dear sister!
  6. Glad you got it!!
  7. Darn it! I always miss the good ones.
  8. I seem to always miss them too:sad: I called Saks customer service on the web since I saw a bag on sale and they told me Saks Bev Hills had seven of them. So when I called Bev Hills, they gave me the price of $1510.00, but the website stated it was on sale for $634.14. So needless to say, I didn't buy this one. They also had to pull it out of inventory and not off the floor, which seemed kind of strange to me since it was "supposedly" on sale.
  9. When they show up, they only last 2-5 minutes.
  10. I was at the Beverly store just last week and they only had the black bow available (at full price). So I do not believe that the store has 7 available. If so, they should be on the floor and are most likely snatched up.

    Unless somebody bought 7 and returned all 7 bags at once, I don't believe that the Beverly Hills store has them. Even if they do, they should not quote you the full price. You should not have to pay full price! :tdown:

    Saks just called me to verify my address and for a moment, I nearly had a heart attack. I thought that I lost my bag! But the SA assured me that it's on hold for me.
    They have 0 in stock online right now.

    I also asked her to call me asap if more white bows become available since I know that other TPFers want them. If I hear anything, I'll post ASAP!

    This is my second white bow. I'm hoping that my sister likes it when she sees the picts. If not, I will let this one go.
  11. my god.... its fast... i want to get this bag!!!!!!! I called its gone........
  12. hi linpaddy i willing to pay $800 if you willing to sell me your white colour bow satchel i really like this bag.
  13. was it on sale when you ordered it? I called and it is full price at 1155 now, and they told me it was never on sale.