Bow satchel gray?

  1. I'm confused - does anyone have side-by-side comparison pictures for the 2 grays?

    Alluminio and Fumo?

    I'm not too sure what I ordered..

    Thanks! :flowers:
  2. The allumino is the one in my avatar. I attached a pic so you can see how it looks.
  3. i don't have any pics on hand, but fumo is darker. did you just recently order it? odds are it might be the allumino. fumo is harder to find nowadays particularly in the bow satchel.
  4. yes i just ordered is the alluminio....but somehow the SA keeps telling me it's the dark gray...
  5. The alluminio is definitely a lighter grey. I have the darker grey (fumo).. see pictures here!!
  6. ^ wow thanks! the color is amazing!
  7. allumino is a dreeeeeeeam!!