Bow Satchel Colours- compl confused now!:(


Nov 18, 2007

I have the SABBIA Satchel (I see it as a sand colour) and a TALCO (off white).

But now I was reading in the Forum that there is also a sughero ??

What colour is that? I always thought my SABBIA one is the light beige one.

There is black, pink (ma...) lightblue, talco, sabbia, and 2 different greys (allumino and the other name I didnt remember) or?

I know that there is a dark brown one but I was told in the Miu Miu Store in Rome that its from last season and not available anymore?

Is that correct?!

Any help?

And do any of you have a pic of the sughero... Id love to see it ?

Still available?

Saskia - A great Fan!