Bow Satchel - colour help please!!!!!

  1. Right, Im going to go for a bow satchel! But what colour - black, chocolate or smoke grey. What would your advice be? I wear mainly black.

    Help! I am driving my friends mad - I need to make a decision!!!:wlae:
  2. Noone responds to my posts on Prada/Miu Miu. Is there a password or am I asking very silly questions??:smile:
  3. all three colours are great. since you wear mostly black I'd go for smoke grey, a great neutral that goes with everything!
  4. I would pick smoke grey too. It's neutral to go with a lot of colors.
  5. yeah me too. since you wear a lot of black, i think smoke grey would look best with your outfits.

    good luck! and please post pics when you get it:smile:
  6. I also wear a lot of black and I still bought a black one today. I tried on the pink one, but the black one looked sooooo good!!!
  7. Hi. I've seen the brown & the black colors & they're both lovely but the smoke grey is a must have, in my opinion! Goodluck
  8. definitely the smoke grey!
  9. where are you getting a smoke grey one??
  10. I LOVE the smoke grey but I am totally paranoid that it will get dirty especially here in London where it is always raining. Shoelover - you just got a black one. Could you post some photos??
  11. ^^^I will in a couple of hours!
  12. ^^^I just posted pics of my bow bag in a new thread!
  13. smoke gray i would say
  14. i think ANY COLOR IS PERFECT, though smoke grey has alot of character. Any grey.....

    here is the next question... is it grey or gray?
  15. smoke grey!

    clearstatic, both spellings are acceptable! i think "grey" is the british version, and "gray" is the american version of the word.