bow satchel at south coast plaza

  1. if anyone is looking, i saw a alluminio or maybe smoke grey (i don't know the difference) bow satchel at the Saks in south coast plaza. good luck!
  2. Thanks so much dara678!

    I just gave them a call and they happened to have it still!! So I ordered it and it should arrive by next week since I put it under OVERNIGHT shipping :yahoo:
  3. You're welcome! I'm so glad someone was able to get it! :smile: :smile: :smile:
  4. Yay :p

    I'm surprised you didn't purchase it? Most girls are CRAZY about the bag. How come your not?
  5. Haha it is actually a long story! :smile: A couple of weeks ago, I was at that very same Saks and saw a mughetto bow satchel. I really liked it, but there was a small defect in one of the bows, so I decided to order it instead. It took a while for the store in Florida to ship, and when it actually got to my fiance's place the fedex guy didn't have the suite number, so fedex actually shipped the bag to the store!!! Meanwhile, I was looking over the bag again online and though I really like the bow, I wasn't actually sure I was completely in love with the bag. I'm actually using this as a graduation present for grad school to myself, so I wanna make sure the bag is extra special. :smile: So I'm going to wait a little longer, see what else comes out, and eventually I may come back to the bow!

    I'm glad you snatched the one from south coast plaza. Enjoy!
  6. OH MY GOODNESS. What defects did you see on it?

    There's actually MANY mughetto bows left! It's just the ALLUMINIO (the light grey one I want) that's hard to find! But I always manage to find it anyways since I'm really needy and hard working.

    Oh. Graduating from college? :yahoo:
  7. dara... I saw the same exact bow with the defect (discoloration on the bow)... Sales lady said she'd give me 10% off it... I had to refuse. I know that it'll bother me endlessly knowing it's there :smile:
  8. marose28*
    What a tiny world we live in (I have no idea where South Coast Plaza is even though it sounds familiar) but imagine PRADA/MIUMIU tPFers got together for a luncheon or something :wtf: :yes: That's be cool.

    Are you thinking about purchasing another bow
  9. annaversary: congrats! but i wonder whether it's the same one I have returned? i just returned it on SCP Saks...
  10. I got the same offer! Haha but my fiance pointed out that if you order it from another store, you don't have to pay tax, which in california is 8%. So I decided to get a nondefective bow. :smile: But yeah, the smudge on the bow itself was quite large.
  11. It was a big dark smudge on one of the bows! But the alluminio one i saw at south coast seemed perfect on the outside, although I did not examine it too closely.

    I'm graduating from med school! So after many long years of study I wanted to treat myself ... still looking for what to get :smile:
  12. annaversary: south coast plaza is in costa mesa, off the 405 fwy. i live quite far, but drive down there once in a while to visit my fave stores. a get-together would be fun one of these days :smile:

    dara678: your fiance is one smart cookie! congrats on finishing med school :smile:
  13. marose28*
    It sounds really familiar to me! I just can't remember the directions! I'm 17 and I barely got my license. Hahaha. Meeting up actually sounds really fun! However, I feel a bit shy and it's of course, due to my age :sweatdrop:
  14. There's a black bow available at the Palm Desert, CA Saks, in mint condition, if anyone's interested.
  15. annaversary... no need to be shy at your age! geez, if I can only be 17 again... the things I would do (and buy!) :girlsigh: