Bow for formal occassions?

Aug 31, 2009
What are your thoughts on using a bow satchel for formal occassions, such as a really nice dinner or wedding? (I was going to get a Chloe paddy but decided against it.)

Do you think the bow is too cute to bring to a formal event? I'm leaning towards a lighter colored bow. I want something that I can actually fit my stuff in (unlike my little Ferragamo that I usually bring), but I don't want to look too "cutesy", just cute in an elegant way! :P

Any modeling pics of your gorgeous bag and "going out" outfit appreciated!!

TIA!! :heart:


Jul 4, 2006
Ive used my Mini bow for formalish occasions but Id never use the regular size as it is a bit too big and awkward looking as most people have small bags or clutches due to the fact they dont need to carry their lives to an event like that, I find the regular bow more of an every day carry everything in it type bag.
Id carry a mini bow in black or white to a wedding, but my mini is purple so I have taken it out for dinner etc but I dont think Id take it to a wedding in that colour unless I had a dress with the colour in it.


Mar 6, 2008
i have a black mini bow and would consider bringing her along for weddings, dinners, etc :smile: regular bow, probably not.


Dec 26, 2007
It depends on what you define as formal.

I think that the regular bow is way too big for night events.
Then again, I never quite understand why women would carry a full 30 or 35 birkin purse to a formal event

I also disagree that the mini bow is appropriate for formal events unless the event that you are referring to is dinner at a fancy restaurant, a day wedding, or a luxe night out.

My definition of formal refers to black tie events, fund raisers, and the opera.

If your event is none of the above, then I say, by all means, bring your mini bow!


Apr 1, 2007
A regular bow is way too big for formal occassions imo. If you want to look elegant, it's always safe to go with a clutch.