Bow clutch from Tokyo

  1. Had to buy something from Prada whilst in Tokyo, the store is absolutely stunning. Am sure you've seen pics of it, here's mine which doesn't do it justice.


    This one looks far superior :p


    Thought the prices there were around 30% more than in the UK but I onl had the price of a wallet to go by.

    Bit behind with the times since this came out ages ago but I bought the green bow clutch. Was tempted by the purple but I was carrying my new purple Ferragamo bag and didn't really want 2 purple bags, plus I like the fact that the green has 2 shades of green. Pics to follow...
  2. [​IMG]


  3. Wa wa is a very pretty bag, does anyone know that this bow clutch with strap selling anyway in US ? thanks
  4. WOOW you clutch is so cute!!! Thanks for sharing the pics. You must have had a lot of fun in Tokyo.
  5. Thanks LaLa06 and tulip618

    I think this bag is still for sale in the US, it came out in the autumn I think so it may not be on display anymore...

    Had a great time in Tokyo, it is an amazing place. All of the designer stores there are just stunning.
  6. Thanks for the store pics too !!
  7. [​IMG]

    Similiar to this.... anyone know how much is this bag cost?