Bow Bag Reveal and Many Other Issues that Arose After the Initial Joy


Apr 4, 2011
Heya ladies! :smile:

As a proud owner of a Sahara Bow wallet - leather is soooo soft, I decided to ask my friend to help me buy a Bow Bag in grigio from the London Heathrow Airport Duty Free (not having to pay VAT rocks!) last she is!
One thing I didn’t do was to check the bag personally as my friend helped me to get it while she was in London. Yes I love the bag very much and its heavenly smell makes my day but there are some issues:

1. - Seems like the coating has been removed in a number of places (under the flap, on the sides of the bag). These leave small lighter gray splotches.
The second photo is not of my bag but looks similar...

2. There are long scratches (not that obvious given the gray color of the bag but visible)

3. - There is a black mark on the shoulder strap

4. - Round hardware(button?) on the handle is slightly loose – bow bag owners, are you able to turn the button? I could use my finger to turn one of the buttons round and round and am afraid that it may fall off anytime.

5. - Bottom hardware has small scratches – probably the most negligible of all problems

I am wondering if someone can help with these questions
- - In your opinion does this bag look new/unused?
- - Is anyone familiar with the returns/exchanges policy for Miu Miu Heathrow Duty free. Now my bag is still unused and sitting in Singapore. It says 14 days return on the back of the receipt but the SA told my friend that it’s 60 days. Whether it can be done in another country is a big question.
- - Has anyone succeeded in getting exchanges in a different country you bought your bag?
- - What causes the glaze coating to come off besides scratches – those splotches are slightly disturbing. Or is this part of the “distressed” effect?
- - Does Miu Miu charge for repairs? Typically what are the charges like and for what kind of repairs?

Thank you so much for helping and very sorry for the small pics- picasa only lets me upload such a miniscule size! I will try to upload higher resolution photos tomorrow!

On a side note, I noticed the colour on my wallet is changing. The bottom edge of the silver bow is getting darker while the golden coloured paint is fading on the bottom edge of the wallet. Have a look for yourself! I have been using the wallet since February this year and have been fairly careful with it (try to put it in a separate compartment of my bag, not get it wet e.t.c. but still the inevitable has happened. Now wondering if the same will happen to my bow bag!


Dec 10, 2006
Hey miu miu leather has its issues - please check my thread - leather quality issues - several problems are listed there and regarding your wallet - I have a matelasse wallet in mughetto I bought in February and it looks terrible due to every day use - scratches colour fading and colour gone around the edges...

If you re not satisfied try to return :smile:


Apr 4, 2011
Thank you so much for your reply, Lisie

Just to anyone who would like to know more...

And if anyone knows what the returns policy is like for international returns, please let me know:smile:

Also, regarding the lose button issue, anyone else encountered before?

Here are the photos - now you don't need to go keep opening windows just to view...