bow bag in paris? what color do they carry?

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  1. hi there, my friend is going to paris soon. i would like to have her get a bow bag for me. anyone knows if any store still carries the Fumo color? i checked with renato at miu miu beverly hill. he said fumo is out of stock now. i just hope the store in pairs still has it...
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    Is fumo a dark grey colour? I saw one in blue-grey colour 2 weeks ago, but I think it's the 'denim' one. You can see it at the bottom of this pic (from another post)

    Only looked at the bow minis, but they probably have the same colours in regular size as well. Sorry I don't know the official names. In the Miu Miu store on Rue St Honore, they had
    Mustard yellow
    salmony orange
    chalk (greyish off-white colour, not cream and not grey)
    blueish grey colour (denim?)
    All the colours were muted, not bright.