bow bag colours new season?

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  1. Hey :smile:

    I was wondering if there is already a "list" with all the bow colours that are coming up for the new season?
    I've seen quarzo as regular bow so far and "rose" + "red" for the mini bow.

  2. Not sure if they are all "this season"... but this is the list I got from 2 weeks ago, for what they had available in store (Bevely Hills):

    1. Nero Black
    2. Ginestra yellow
    3. Denim blue
    4. Fumo grey
    5. Nube light grey
    6. Palissandro carmel
    7. Fiordaliso light blue
    8. Mughetto light pink
    9. Talco white

    That's really a lot to choose from!!! :Push:
  3. If only I lived in Beverley Hills, cannot find denim anywhere in the UK :crybaby:
  4. awww nube sounds tempting ;)
  5. Would love to know if that nero black is in glazed or unglazed leather. Anyone know?
  6. When I spoke to Miu Miu London today they told me the following

    Dark Brown
    Baby Blue

    There was definately no denim blue.
  7. hm can't wait to see them all in reality :smile:
  8. Hello,
    In Paris I saw Mughetto, White, Black, Fiordaliso (a very sweet blue grey) and a light Beige (probably quarzo). There was also a yellow and a sort of orange for the mini bows (I don't know the exact names of these coulours)
  9. I just got a black one when I was in Hong Kong last week and it was glazed. Apparently they were sold out of the black and the baby blue right away and I was lucky that they got a new shipment in that day. Hope that helps!
  10. I'm pretty sure the bow in fumo is discontinued now, so whatever is left in the store is it!