Bouton d'or, how has it aged?

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  1. One of my HG is a 04 yellow first or city, but i'm slowly giving that up, as it sees to be impossible to find a mint one for a decent price... So... I'm wondering how has the bouton d'or aged now that it has been out for 1,5 year? Have the colour changed? How is the leather?

    I've seen two (new ones) IRL and both of them we're too greenish for my liking, are they all that way? If anyone has pictures, please share! ;)
  2. I'd like to know how they've aged as well.

    I tried the color and it was too bright for me, but hey, a girl can dream!
  3. Oooh, I want to know too! I love yellow, but bouton looked a little too bright when it was brand new.
  4. Mine still looks good. Maybe not as electric as it used to be but still VERY yellow. The bag has picked up a tiny tad of blue color from my jeans though.
  5. Mine looks great! And i've used her over the summer months. It's bright, but a must in fl. I always try to keep my bals out of the sun except to and from the car.
  6. Mine color hasn't really changed. I got her last December and has only used her for about 3 weeks after I got it and now I'm using it again since it's summer!!
  7. Mine doesn't look as electric(but still looks yellow) under natural light. But it def. looks electric under sunlight. I LOVE bouton d'or but it seemed that a lot of leather didnt absorb the yellow well, although the mine looks smooth in the front, the back leather is very veiny! i'll try to take some pics and post them this weekend for you :smile:
  8. My Bouton d`or SGH PT and Money wallt. I have used them about 6months but the SGH PT is pre-owned and I used her only 5times maybe. PT has already some fade on the left side and top of the bag from previous owner but in the sun light, the colour is still beautiful electiric yellow. And the money wallet is used for 6months,the colour is still bright but slightly fading on some parts. I still love this colour!!! The SGH PT looks slightly lighter colour on this pic but IRL, much brighter. I hope this will help:flowers:

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  9. i have the first and it hasn't faded at all. there is some wear to the corners (which look a little black from dirt) but the yellow is just as vibrant as when i bought it new.
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    Thank you all for your replies! Tokyo, your PT is gorgeous! I think the fading actually compliments the bag...

    More pictures would be appreciated. Did'nt know so many owned this colour.

    ** sorry for all my grammar and spelling errors in the first post, it was really late over here :smile:
  11. I think that Danae has a coin purse that has faded to more of a lemon yellow, but hasn't posted pics that I have seen. You might PM her about it. My B D'O is still has yellow as it was at first!

    I wish you well,

  12. Mine is a GGH CP & while it is not as neon-y, it is still YELLOW YELLOW. Leather was dry to the touch, much softer now tho it still has a dry-ish touch to it.
  13. You are wellcome! I will post some more pics when I have a chance to take more!
  14. Mine is bright as ever, but it does have just the slight tinge of color transfer from my jeans on the back side (it's barely noticeable).