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  1. So I ordered a shirt from on 3/10 and it has not yet arrived STILL!!!!!! Unbelievable! Just wanted to warn you guys about ordering anything from takes FOREVER!
  2. Have you had any contact from them as to where your order is??
  3. I recently bought Nation Ltd Tees from them and they arrived in a few days by Courier. I live in Singapore. Maybe you should contact them?
  4. really what do they smell like?
  5. ^^^
    :roflmfao: hhahah.

    Perhaps you should contact them and see what happened because mine came in 2 days. I actually ordered a LnA t-shirt that got backordered and they forgot about it so I contacted them.
  6. I actually think it's rather inappropriate to come on here just bad mouthing a store without any back up to what you are saying and apparently without contacting them to find out what's going on.....
  7. i'm never ordering again, even they have Lna, Love quotes, i have their coupon code, i'm NOT buyin from them.
    let me tell you what went wrong.
    1. i ordered disney couture bracelet, they sent me wrong one.
    i waited a month after sending it back, they don't even remember what they did wrong. so i emailed them 20 times, they never send new one back to me, or no reply.
    after 2 mths, i FINALLY got my stuff.

    2. they charged my cc 2 times.
    i told them about it, they won't refund me cause they say they never charged 2 times. so i had scan my bill, and attach to the email. and they FINALLY believed me.

    you know, usually, a store would say SORRY or give you some discount code for next time, they NEVER DID. they think they are right. OMG, you really shouldn't shop there. it's horrible!
  8. I have had trouble with them too. Wanted to buy love quotes, went to instead and got free shipping. iT Came in 2 days! tHEN I ordered a Crystal rock tee shirt from Threads and they sent it to my friend in Germany for free! She got it in 5 days and I didn't pay to ship it:yahoo:
  9. I've been buying from them. Everything went smoothly except Fedex lost one of my packages which worth more than 100 dollars. I didn't know whom to blame :sad:(((
    Another thing is if you contact them, they reply after a few days maybe a few weeks.
    But I still think it is a good website comparing to many other ones.
  10. #10 Apr 5, 2010
    Last edited: Apr 5, 2010
    Hello, we are sad to read customers have had a bad experience with our customer service. Since 2008 when these comments were posted, we have have made big improvements in our customer service department and shipping procedures. Like any business we can't please everyone but we do our best to stock the hottest items spotted on celebrities, coordinate pre-orders and ship as fast as possible. We will be attempting to contact those who have had negative experiences to see if we can win back your business!

    Thank you for the honest discussion!:flowers:

    [EDIT] - I can not message members directly, if you would like me to contact you, please go here click on the orders email, add your Purse Forum username and order issue - tell them "Shelley" sent you from Purse Forum.

  11. :confused1:
    This thread is nearly 2 yrs old. . .
    Please make sure you are familiar w/ our rules. I'll close this since it's no longer relevant.
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