Boutiques NOT getting Carter Jr!! Why?????

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  1. I just got off the phone with Ginny at the MJ store (my SA left for Moschino :sad:) and was asking about the Carter Jr and she checked with her Manager and found out that NONE of the stores are getting the Carter Jr -- so there goes my chance of getting it in Light Blue :crybaby::crybaby:

    She also said they haven't gotten the Sunburst BB in yet, and doesn't know for sure whether that will come in the light blue either -- she's going to call me when (or IF) they get them in.

    This is soooo sad! It looks like the only place to get the Carter Jr is going to be eLux or Saks -- and I have a feeling that they're going to fly off the shelves as it's the style that's been shown EVERYWHERE this season!!

    She said they have the full size Carter but after seeing tad's pics of that bag, it's much too long for me -- the other downfall is that it's $200-300 MORE than the Carter Jr was.

    I was hoping to buy the Carter Jr. within the next week or so -- now I don't know if I should just order it from eLux or wait to see if they get the BB in the light blue -- this is so saddening (and frustrating!)!!
  2. How disappointing!
    But is there a chance that Saks or elux will get it in blue? Aren't fall bags still rolling in?
  3. huh? but i saw a carter jr in shark grey on sunday! :confused1:

    btw, i love ginny! she's so sweet and has great style. she's the one with the blog. i bought my yogurt mp from her the first time i met up with tuffcookie and yes.please.
  4. ^yeah, I thought I saw the Carter Jr. on my last trip to the Mercer store:s
  5. ^ yeah, these two european girls were freaking out over it just as jackie and i were leaving the store. it looked like they were getting ready to buy it. there were a bunch of carters there: the carter itself, the hardcore, the rocket, the bucket, the jr, the cubie, the eugenie, and even an adorable clutch that looks like a fat pencil case.
  6. Hmm -- I'll have to call to see what's going on. I even asked her if it was just their store that wasn't getting it or the entire company, and she said that her Manager told her that the company didn't order them -- do you think that maybe they're calling it something else?
  7. I just talked to an SA at the store on Mercer (didn't get his name) -- he said that they DON'T have the Carter Jr, and like Ginny, said he didn't think they were getting it -- he said they have the Cubie, the Carter, the Rocket (a larger tote) and the Coco. He thinks you guys may have either seen the Cubie or the Carter
  8. ^ okay... there's no way i mistook the carter or the cubie for the carter jr. the carter is significantly bigger (carry-on sized practically) and the cubie is much smaller, but if they told you they didn't get then i believe you. it's possible that they did order one. gabby has offered me to get bags for me from corporate that aren't available in stores. i'm sure the other sa's do this for their customers as well. maybe that's what i saw? :shrugs:
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    can you try calling gabby and she what she tells you? I don't know what to believe! (this SA did try to tell me that the bag with the 2 zippered sections and open pocket in the middle was NOT the Coco! He had to look it up to know for sure!)

    ETA: actually I called back and did speak with gabby and she said she actually just spoke to corporate this morning and they are NOT getting the carter jr -- she said they haven't had it in the store, so you guys either saw the cubie, the carter or the ostrich bb (which I know you guys didn't mistake for the carter!)
  10. :roflmfao:That almost sounds like a poem.
    Having trouble following this discussion. I actually could keep the stams straight, but the carters?? :nogood:
  11. They have the carter junior here in vegas on the shelves in the boutique as we speak!
  12. are you certain that it's the carter jr and NOT the carter? I'm going to call there and see what they tell me, but so far 3 SAs have all said that they don't have it nor will they be getting it -- Gabby even said she's one who WISHED that they had at as that's the bag they've been getting the most calls about.
  13. just spoke to Lisa in LV and the bag that baglover most likely saw was the Cubie, which is $1175 -- she actually thought that this WAS the Carter Jr before she picked it up and looked at the numbers -- the style number of that bag is the same as the Cubie. They also have the "Carter *MJ", which style number she said is NOT even in their look book -- she thinks this might be a boutique exclusive (hence the *MJ) -- that bag is $1375 and is considerably longer than the Cubie or carter jr.

    So yes, it seems that the only places to get the carter jr will be eLux or Saks (or overseas) -- and the only colors will be Charcoal or Shark Grey
  14. Have one of the SAs measure the bag... maybe that will help clear up the confusion?

    I can't believe that they're not getting the carter jr... so weird!!
  15. yes -- Lisa in LV measured the bag she had and it was approx 9x8, which sounds more like the Cubie (it's also $1175) -- the carter jr on both eLux & saks are 12.5 x 8.5 and is $1195 -- the full size carter that she has was $1395 (which is too high to be the carter jr)