Boutiques in the Kissimmee Area?

  1. I will be staying at a resort in Kissimmee, Florida this month and would like to know where the closest Louis boutique is. Help please!
  2. Okay nevermind. I've narrowed it down to two. Which is closer to Walt Disney World?

    The Florida Mall or The Mall at Millenia?
  3. The LV at the Mall at Millenia is an actual LV store so it will have more selection. (shoes, sunglasses, luggage, etc.) The LV at Florida Mall is in Saks which is nice too but it's smaller.
  4. Thanks for the info.

    I looked into it and found that Florida mall is closest to where I'm staying. I'm really looking to buy the multicolore pochette wallet and I think any boutique would have that since it's kind of common. I think that the Saks boutique would be better since I might end up falling in love with something else in the other boutique since they'd have more stuff. :p Trying really hard to abstain from over-purchasing.