Boutiques in the Bay Area?

  1. Hi Girls!

    Does anyone know of any stores in the Bay Area that carries Balenciaga from time to time besides NM?

    JW...I'm so tired of either buying these bags sight unseen or dealing with the SA at NM in SF :cursing:

  2. Those are the only 2 now. Susan's stopped carrying B-bags =(

    One more place would be the Nordstrom and NM at the Stanford Mall but they only have about 3 and they are always returns.
  3. Really? I've been there so many times and I've never seen a Bbag.... which section did you find them in?
  4. Same here. Live in Palo Alto and have never seen any bbags. Always have to drive to San Francisco to do bbag shoppping at NM. That would be great if they carried the line. Surely would save on the gas and mileage ! But the things we do for Balenciaga !
  5. I'm wondering the same thing too...all of the time that I've been to NM at Stanford I haven't seen a balenciaga there, did they just recently started to carry it?

    I would love to have an actual Bal store in SF though :girlsigh:
  6. I heard Barneys has some and will have more later on - I thought I heard someting about a Bal Boutique in Barneys SF?? Not sure, maybe wishful thinking on my part. Nordstrom Sacramento also carries them.
  7. They are not out on the floor, you need to ask the SA. Again, the only times they have B-bags is when people return them there.
  8. The SAs at Barney's in SF said they will start carrying Bbags around May or June '08. Yipeeee !
  9. WOOO HOOO!!! we should have a Barney's gathering when it happens!!
  10. I just went to Bliss Spa and Boutique in Los Altos (in the Rancho shopping center off Foothill Exp) and saw a few B-bags, GGH Work and RH City. They look very authentic to me. It's a really high end spa ($200 facial, ouch!). I doubt that it would sell fakes.

    BTW, I just returned a black GSH PT bag at Stanford NM last Sat. If you are interested in that one, you may want to check and see if it's still there. Good luck.
  11. yay about Barneys! LOVE their SAs much much more than NM. Can't wait to go look and fondle the bags, especially with the new fall colors coming later :heart:

    Thanks Curiousmind, I would have never found out about bliss spa and boutique if I didn't find out about it on here. Any girls check them out yet? I might make a stop next weekend, since this weekend is VDay...
  12. Lec, you're very welcome. Did you go to Bliss last week? Found anything you like there?