Boutiques in SE Michigan Question

  1. I typically shop just two of them, but do any of you know which store carries the most variety?? Novi, Briarwood, Fairlane, Somerset?? Thanks :heart:
  2. I love somerset, I always get warm fuzzy feelings when I walk in there. But I normally go to fairlane, the SA's there are nice! and its only 10 min from the border so its the easiest one for me to get to
  3. I've been to Briarwood, Somerset and Novi -- of those three I think I like Briarwood the best. I am so jealous that you have FOUR boutique stores near you. I only have one!
  4. There's actually Somerset, Briarwood, Lakeside, Fairlane and Novi! Pretty soon it'll be Partridge Creek too!

    Somerset is the largest store, it will be a flagship store after the remodel. Lakeside and Novi are Fashion Stores and Briarwood/Fairlane are just normal, core stores :smile:
  5. Lakeside is a pain for me to go to.That is the only Coach I have not gone into..I live in the Canton area, I had no idea Somerset was going to be a flagship store...what is the difference between normal and fashion stores?

    I really don't like the set up of Somerset, like you are going in a circle around that wall...but it was a month before xmas, maybe it was just crowded and I had a hard time finding things.
  6. I love the setup of somerset, I find it roomy. I'm comparing it to Fairlane which is tiny and I always feel like I am going to be bumping into something or someone!! I've wanted to try Novi, a few of my friends head out that way when they go shopping. How is it over there??
  7. It isn't very big...bigger than Fairlane and Briarwood but nothing like Somerset. I can't put my finger on why I didn't like the set up, maybe it was when my daughter was in the front I was in the back, I was on the othe side and could never find her, was getting frustrated.

    I went to the Coach store in Mall of America, it was okay, but nothing special.

    I wish all the stores were as big as Birch Runs Outlet, I like that I can see everything from the middle of the store.
  8. I can understand your point now about somerset that would frustrate me as well! The outlet is nice and big!! and your right you can stand in the middle and scan the store :yes: The only other coach store I have been in was in Chicago.. I did drive by another and took a pic of the store ( I know I'm a loser ) the friends I was with refused to let me go in!!
  9. Believe it or not, Somerset is actually larger than some of the Coach stores in the Chicago suburbs... The stores at Schuamburg & Oak Brook were very small, although they carried a large amount of merch... Geneva was my favorite, because it was a square store, and like Coachnut was saying... you could see everything as you walked in at one time... Oh my Geneva store... :crybaby:

    How did I miss that there are this many Coach stores around me?!?!? I live in Rochester Hills, so I think Somerset is the closest one, but I'm not really sure now!! (I'm in trouble if there is one closer...) Off to find out where these other ones are... Thanks for posting!!! I only knew about Novi & Somerset!:yes:
  10. Fairlane is in Dearborn.. Sprinkles mentioned Lakeside, where is that ?
  11. Just checked on the Coach website:
    Of course, Somerset in Troy & Twelve Oaks in Novi

    Briarwood = Ann Arbor
    Lakeside=Sterling Heights
    Fairlane= Dearborn

  12. I like stores like that, you can walk down a city street and sneak inside...I miss the Downtown Hudsons, Yes I am OLD enough to remember going there as a little girl at xmas...I remember, winklemans, and Crowleys etc etc. lol
  13. :biggrin: I think due to this thread I am going to have to do a Coach scavenger hunt... and check out the other stores in the area!!

    Don't think I will drive all the way down to Dearborn or Ann Arbor, but Sterling Heights would be interesting to check out... can't let DH know, he would be mad to know that I went that distance over there. :yes: (He has to drive over there alot right now for work stuff and can't wait to be back in his regular location. Complains about the longer drive than the usual one.)

    Maybe I could check out the others on the way to the airport sometime... Hmmm...
  14. I have only been to Lakeside once, I hear it is so much like 12-Oaks so I never bother....Did you see 12 Oaks is getting a Nordstrom this year? My daughter is so excited!!
  15. The Somerset store is great but don't forget about some of the department stores. I can usually find stuff at the department stores that I can't find at Coach. So if you head to Somerset, make sure to hit Macy's (much, much better than Nordstroms).