Boutiques in Germany/Austria

  1. I am planning to study next year in either Mannheim or Koblenz in Germany or Vienna, Austria. Just out of curiosity, what does everyone think of the Hermès boutiques in Vienna, Mannheim, Frankfurt and Cologne? Right now I am mainly a scarf lover, drifting slooooowly into the leather good arena.

  2. boutiques are fine in germany overall nice personnel (except berlin hated it) mostly neutral colored stock as germany is kind of very unglam down to earth up to the border that (shown) luxury is frowned upon so it can get easier to buy something as less competition.good prices a tad bit higher then paris but not by much

    can not comment on vienna but others will chime in.
  3. the boutique here in vienna is okay....the most importand thing is to carry yourself very well when you go in the first time.the store is not directly hermes owned, so there are some they dont even have a skin-book!!!
    BUT there are 2-3 very nice sa´s and they will let you SO a birkin pretty easily as well.....

    I have bought 7 bags from here till now and am happy with the way my purchases went. at the moment the shop is getting a LOT of kelly pochettes and lindy´´s just amazing to see soooo many hard to find bags all in our small store:smile:)

    hope that helped...
  4. Last year, I was in the Cologne store and both Berlin stores. The SAs were helpful and polite and all had nice bags, although somewhat limited stock. I passed up in Cologne a 35 cm Birkin in chocolat Togo/crinolin and I still am kicking myself! In the Berlin store (in the old West Berlin), I did buy a rigide 35 kelly in black and the salesman could not have been nicer. Colors were available (not just neutrals) if I recall correctly.
  5. Thank you very much lilach, hennaria and BlueParrot. I actually prefer neutrals myself, so it look like I'm going to the right place!
  6. My hometown Hermes is Vienna and I am fully satisfied.

    Last weekend I had a visit at the Salzburg Store. It was an amazing situation, cause the SAs didn't get tired to show me all kinds of bags, scarfs, cadenas, ... everything we spoke about (and that was a while).
    Here some pics from my adventure:
    szghermes.jpg szghermes1.jpg szghermes2.jpg
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  7. Beautiful pictures, Vanmiracle, thank you!
  8. I was in the Mannheim store today. Not a huge selection of bags, but more than I thought since it is not an exclusive Hermes boutique. They had TONS of bracelets and a couple of exotic Kelly pochettes (orange lizard and black croc). They also had a blue suede Kelly pochette. I was looking for a croc wallet, but no luck. The SA was super nice however! Enjoy your stay.
  9. Yes, agreed! I went there last May and the SA are very helpful and nice. Another shop to mention is LV, I didn't ask them for anything, but the SA brought all the new models from the back store room and showed me, but I turned up not buying any because I got a few in Vienna.

    I think the prices in Salzburg is a bit more expensive. I saw a Mozart theme scarf last year (only available in Austria), and it costs about USD350.
  10. Vienna and Salzburg have the same prices like Munich and the European sites (France and Germany). This is all I know, as I never bought something anywhere else.
  11. Boutique VIENNA
  12. I'm planning a trip to several Easter European countries and will be visiting Vienna and Berlin.

    Wondering if prices in these two cities are similar to Paris ? and if the supply of bags are good ? Hoping to purchase a Lindy and a birkin if possible.

  13. Prices in Vienna are about the same,just a little higher than paris. The supply of bags are really hard to say, the chances for a lindy are pretty good though but not for a birkin!
  14. Thanks so much. I guess it is all about luck, right ? You could be at the mothership and leave empty handed.
  15. You are welcome! There is a boutique at the Vienna airport too so do check there as well, they do get lindys!