Boutiques in D.C. and Chicago

  1. I am looking to get the name of a few stores and boutiques that sell luxury handbags in D.C. and Chicago. It can be department stores or boutiques. Can anyone make any reccomendations? I have two bussiness trips coming up and need to fill my down time!

  2. In D.C. we have Saks and NMs. They might be listed in Chevy Chase, MD, though b/c they're right on the boundary line. There's a Dior boutique as well as LV, Tiffany's Van Cleef and Arpel, and all the others too. They're on Wisconsin Avenue and can be reached on the Metro (subway).

    Tyson's Corner in Northern Virginia has all the good stores too, but it's not possible to get there without a car and besides it's a mall. Chevy Chase is more fun to me, because the stores line the street.
  3. Chicago has great stores: Saks; NM; Bloomingdales; Burberry; Tod's; Prada; Jake; Barneys; you name it, it's here.
  4. The boutiques in Chevy Chase mentioned in the first reponse is called The Collection at Chevy Chase. I'll mention a few other stores: Jimmy Choo, Bulgari, Max Mara, Barney's Co-Op, Gucci, and Ralph Lauren.
    NM and Saks are right in the neighborhood.
    Enjoy your time here.....and hope you find something fabulous!;)
  5. Circle Boutique, Cusp (Fendi/Chanel), and Intermix.
  6. Chicago has just about any store you'd want for handbags......definitely the ones named above plus Nordstrom and Macy's.

  7. If you're in Chicago, just walk up and down Michigan Avenue (the Magnificent Mile) - you'll find all the major dept stores, plus many stand-alone designer stores (i.e., LV, Chanel, Salvatore Feragamo, etc). Then there's Oak Street at the North end - where you'll find Barney's, Prada, Kate Spade and many other high-end designers. There's also State Street (South of the Chgo River), where you'll find Macy's, Nordstrom Rack, H&M, TJMaxx, Filene's Basement & Urban Outfitters. And that's just downtown in the "heart" of the city. Travel north a little to Lincoln Park or Bucktown, and you'll find many more smaller boutiques (Scoop NY recently opened, as well as a Marc by MJ store).