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  1. Hi

    Has anyone purchased from here?

    It looks ok, but just wanted to make sure :smile:
  2. I'm sure I've seen a link to this site in a post on here in the past. I think it was in the "finds" thread (think it couldve been moo) so I would presume it was authentic. But dont take my word for it I'm sure moo would know best.
  3. Absolutely right Armcandy. Boutique1 is a bona fide independent authorised stockist, based in Dubai. They will ship to the UK but be aware you may have import taxes, VAT and handling charges to pay on can add nearly 50% to the price of the bag!

    Contact details:

    Boutique 1 Group LLC
    Cayan Business Centre, TECOM
    P.O Box 27026, Dubai, UAE
    Phone:+971 4 448 3444
    Fax:+971 4 448 3445

  4. Ah, not quite the bargain it was looking then! Thanks for confirming it is a bona fide site though!
  5. I haven't purchased online, but went their mulberry store at the mall of the emirates.
  6. Just came back from the SF store. The Boutique 1 store is legit. Grat customer service by the way in Sf.