Boutique Shopping

  1. Does anyone else have a boutique they would love to shop in but can't with the kids. I used to love to go into little boutiques and look for finds but not anymore. Now I look online for websites. Sometimes I can run out on my own but not often... Anyone else miss shopping freedom?
  2. Everything I have bought in the last 3 years or so comes from the net. Even my grocery shopping. Now my 4 year old is in full time school Im 'half-free' but I still have my 3 year old at home. Next year when he starts full time school I intend to catch up on my real life shopping and take a trip into central London and treat myself.
    Dont fret Shoeguru ,you will shop again. LOL! Anyway the plus side of shopping online is no queues, crappy weather or screaming kids! :yes:
  3. i know the feeling. i dont even bother going shopping with my kids, except to the supermarket if absolutely necessary. It turns out to be just frustrating for all of us! I probably only really "shop" - like browse through boutiques or go to the mall- about 4 times a year. I would go once a week if I could, but between my 3 kids and my business I always have "more important things" that thwart my shopping plans.

    For example, I have a $200 Barneys coop gift card that I got for xmas. I cant find anything that i like on their website, and Ive been meaning to get to the mall to use it, but i never find the time! Its been almost 2 months since christmas, already!
  4. Oh gosh, being I live in Timbuktu, boutique shopping hasn't happened since we left Santa Cruz. Not to mention that seems like Sundays are the only days I can actually get out of the house to shop and Utah being such a Mormon state, NOTHING IS OPEN ON SUNDAYS!!!! I online shop *a lot*. Started out with Amazon, but I've branched out to just about everything else. I like it, it's easy, but I would LOVE to go boutique shopping. college freshman is heading off to New York City in a couple of weeks to hang out with his best friend during spring break. How I would *love* to join him. But when I mentioned that item, you should have seen his face! I could read 'No Mom, you cannot be serious???' in his expression. Damn, my 18 year old gets to go to New York before his mom ever does.
  5. I very rarely go shopping (other than grocery store) with my kids in tow. My eldest is a 7 yr old boy & he seriously tries to get out of going to get new shoes every fall for school. He honestly thinks that I can just guess at the correct size. It's only 1 time a year that I make him go to Nordstrom, but I really think it's torture for him....I also have a 4 year old daughter, but her idea of shopping in a clothing boutique is buying something (kind of like her mother...) so, she's a liability to take along.

    Like many of you I too have discovered the joys on online shopping. The dogs & I run to the front door everytime we hear the brakes on the UPS truck! Perhaps this is a sign of a problem, but I refuse to acknowedge it! Just trying to do my part and keep the economy going.....
  6. I don't even have kids and I don't have time for shopping! I work all the time, even weekends, and even though I live in LA, land of boutiques, never have time to go. What little time I have left is saved for wedding planning. It's online or nothing for me, lately.

  7. mockinglee-babe.....
    just got back from LA LA land and had a blast checking out your recommended areas - I really enjoyed browsing in/out of places, just poking without any time pressures!
    I can completely understand everyones desire to just have time to themselves!

    So, I went to Montana Ave in Santa Monica (indeed, went into Planet Blue or was it Blue Planet???? - GREAT place) and walked up and down Abbot Kinney in Venice. Had the hair done at Trim......good - but I wouldn't say GREAT. I do like my cut, but it's really just a "trim up" instead of a new look.

    When's the big date?
    Hey......what about the HH Bardot???? Did it arrive? Checked the HH thread and didn't see an update.

    Thanks so much for your help!
  8. Hey Blam! Glad to hear you had a good time over here. Montana Ave. is the best. Such a great place to stroll down the street on a lazy summer afternoon, in and out of the little boutiques. Not busy or crowded at all, little traffic. Sigh. I miss it.

    Once in a (long) while I ask for a "personal day" in the middle of the week so I can go browse stores in the middle of the day, when no one else is around. Have a little lunch, do some leisurely shopping...sigh...that's the best.

    The big day is 5/17. Crunch time! So many things left to do...tearing my hair out!

    HH Bardot is LOVELY. I'm wearing it right now. There's a few shoddy pics in the "Who's waiting for a HH to be delivered?" thread, but I'll take better and will post in the wardrobe section when I can!
  9. Life is never the same after kids! I look at heels and say I cann't run after my kids in those...sad but true. I just hate taking them shopping they take the fun out of it. Thank God for online shopping.