Boutique Shopping in Paris and Venice

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  1. Hi all!

    I'm going to be in Paris in a couple of weeks and in Venice next month. Just wondering if you could suggest nice boutique shops with lovely dresses, accessories and footwear (leather boots mainly). I find in European cities, the high end stores are quite easy to find but as a tourist I would not know where to begin!

    If you have recommendations on places to eat that would be good too!

    Thanks :smile:

  2. I depends on your budget and style really. In Paris there are a lot of options, in Venice, IMO most things outside the big brands (that have mostly consistent prices all over europe) were very, very overpriced. ALso in venice, I was surprised to discover that many places would lower the price if you haggeled or hesitant.:shrugs: I discovered this by chance while shopping.There are however some really nice and special stores. I remember one that was devoted to Audrey Hepburn style dresses and accesoirs and a sur mesure for shoes.
  3. I like the Le Marais area in Paris for smaller boutiques. If you're looking for larger stores or brands there is a famous Barneys like store, Collette, I think?
  4. Oh fantastic! thanks I'll try to look for those :smile:

    And I'll practice my 'hesistant' act - hehhe..
  5. ^ You can bargain only at souvenier shops, not for sure in normal stores! The price is firm in fact there.
    In Venice you can find almost everybrand: LV, Chanel, Hermes, D&G, Etro etc. Untill 28th February there are seasonal sales so you won't find much winter stuff (only ugliest left after the first 2/3 weeks) and you'll find only few new spring stuff because part of the stores still have the stuff on sale.
    Also, in Venice you won't find anything like Colette or LaFayette etc!
    And I can confirm all is overpriced - unless you go to famous store where prices are firms the reason of this is that the goods arrive via boat and you'll see man carrying stuff up and down the bridges, they really have a hard work!!!
  6. Where about in Venice are the fancy stores?! We were there in 2004 and I couldnt find any fancy stores at all!!

    *Thank you*
  7. There is a very long street with all the stores, it's very close to San Marco Square. The first shops that welcome you are LV and Chanel. You usually arrive in the square from the way under the Tower of the Clock, go right and walk for all the square, the way with the high class stores starts over the culumns, sorry for my poor english!!!!
  8. Is that beside the Bridge of Sighs and the Prison??? If so, we went left at the tower and didnt walk all the way round .... you know, I think husband did that on purpose!! But now I know where the stores are, I will be there next time!!

    *Ringraziarla così molto per il suo aiuto*
  9. No, it's on the opposite side of the square than that Bridge!! I'll try to find a pic of you now ;) You're more than welcome!
  10. [​IMG]

    You have to walk in that direction, then you pass under the culumns, there is a passage more or less under the first red banner that you see on the left.
  11. p.s. I went to Scotland in 2005 and I simply loved it!! :biggrin:
  12. Ok now I know exactly where the stores are - thank you very much!! No escape for hubby on our next trip to Venice!!

    Where did you go to School in Scotland??
  13. I'm glad you now know where to go, no excuses for hubby LOL

    Oh it was not school, I went there for a short trip with my friend and I met a penpal of mine who is from Glasgow. I stayed there but also visited Edinburgh so I even had a special guide! :yes: I really love the UK and I wish I could come back soon! :smile:
  14. I live further up north - we both totally LOVE Italy and cant wait to go back. We were there last in July 2007 in Roma - you live in a wonderful country, You are so very lucky!!
  15. When you plan to come back just ask me if you need advices, I live about 60 km from Venice! :smile: