Boutique SA question

  1. Ok so you guys remember how on Wed I went to the Century City mall to get my manhattan, well my SA was Laure. Then on Thursday I noticed that it was defective so I went to the Beverly Center store to exchange it cuz it's closer to me than CC. Anywho, when I went in, they exchanged the bag then took my receipt and returned the bag to the "house" and it was re-rung up under the SA that exchanged it for me, Leslie. So my question is, I asked a SA before if they got commission and she told me no but they do get bonuses. So is that why they returned it under the "house" and will that new SA in Bev Center get credit for a sale she really didn't make????
  2. hmn....I think it's just standard procedure because the second SA was processing the return and it has to be reflected on the receipt.
  3. the answer makes sense but I also see how it could be a bit shady
  4. but then why wouldn't she re-ring it up under the ORIGINAL SA's name?? and why was it returned to the "house"??

    When I used to work at Nordstrom, we got commission on all sales and we lost it on all returns too. If you ever got caught returning an item to the house that specifically said your name/number on it, you could get fired cuz it's cheating the system.
  5. i think all SA have to do all the sell and return jobs...
    cant really count so clearly say: SA-A return one, so SA-B need to do the next return,,,,
    i don't know....@_@
  6. I think she had to re-ring it because you mentioned that the bag was defective. If they need to damage it out and give you a new bag out of their stock, they probably needed to "return" it and re-ring. This shouldn't impact your original SA's sale at all since it was returned under house.
  7. i used to work in retail and we had numbers...and if we got a return from another store that sales person's number is not in our store or is a different person so it gets returned under house and if someone helped you more they would get the sale unless it was just a straight exchange (different size/color etc) then the sale would go under house also.
  8. i'm not 100% but i know it was recently that vuitton SAs don't get commission, they did before.

    so the system may not be exactly the same but i think that SA you orignally brought with still gets credit. but the SA in this new boutique for the exchange gets credit too, the store overall just does not get the volume.

    there are probably two reasons why they did the transaction instead of just exchanging it since it's the exact item (it would not mess with inventory, you can damage it out seperately, as if you found a bag shipped to your store, damaged before even sold, kwim?)

    one, conversion. exchanges count as well as sales, returns don't.

    and two, for that SA's number. if she was extremely helpful it would be to me earned, otherwise those who make exchanges are just easy sales, not a lot of work if you ask me.
  9. :yes:
    i think thats it..