"Boutique" Question

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  1. I was talking to an SA at one of my local outlets today and I asked her if they were expecting any new FP deletes. She asked if I meant FP boutique bag deletes or just regular FP (non-boutique) bags. I had no idea what she meant, so she goes on to explain that the "boutiques" sell the high-end $20,000 bags. ???? Am I missing something here? I always thought the "boutiques" were the FP Coach stores you see at the malls, as well as the coach.com site. I'm pretty certain that neither of these places sell Coach bags for thousands of dollars.

    Does anyone have any idea what she was referring to? Is there really another higher-end luxury line that Coach currently sells?

    Thanks in advance!
  2. ummmm, weird. not that I know of!
  3. Um, she was BSC.

    I know that in the past Coach has had some bags that were upwards of $5,000 a pop...but I've never heard or seen a 20k Coach bag.

    This, I fear, was a case of a poorly educated SA. I mean really, it just does Coach no favors not to properly teach the line to those representing it. I'm not saying this as a blanket statement, clearly there are some very intelligent and knowledgeable Coach associates...but for every one you find that has a clue, you find 5 that don't. Between recommending prohibited products to waxing poetic about $20,000 bags...come on!!
  4. Good question! I would also like to know the answer.

    I know that Coach.com has a section of "boutique exclusives" but again I thought these were just exclusive to Coach stores as opposed to bags that are also available at department stores. Maybe I misunderstood?

    Just like with the outlets, I think some of the Coach stores are higher tier than others, so perhaps the SA was referring to this?
  5. BSC? Is that, um, referring to a type of crazy and a certain winged mammal? :biggrin:
  6. True that :choochoo:.
  7. So I took this to Google...because I was curious, and slightly caught off guard...

    From what I could tell, Coach has released bags--mostly around 2007--that were made from genuine exotics, not embossed...ostrich, alligator, python...those came in right around the $5k mark if not slightly higher. But nothing in the $20k range, and nothing within the recent years.

    Second to that there was some chatter about a Sabrina that was at the $3k made in an exotic leather...but still, no where near that price point.

    And of course we all know about the LE and Special Editions...like the Oil Slick Sabrina and what not...but still, not even breaking the $3k mark.

    I stand by my original assumption, the SA was grasping here...
  8. Thanks for the very interesting info! I was taken a little aback when the SA was talking to me because, while I'm very far from a Coach expert, I've learned quite a bit from all of you great TPFers and I was positive that I'd atleast know whether or not there are high-end luxury Coaches hiding out there!
  9. I love the term BSC. LOL.
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  11. ^^ That's what I was thinking... the Boutique on Bleecker? I wasn't aware of any $20,000 bags, but anything is possible. Funny, I was at the outlet recently and I mention "boutique" and the outlet SA corrected me and said, "Oh, you mean the Coach Store?" so who really knows, funny though.
  12. You weren't by chance at Pleasant Prairie today? More than a few sa's that were totally clueless today. Big mistake for me to go on a Saturday afternoon. I did get some info from a very knowlegable sa, that there will be new floorset this thursday, FYI.
  13. as an outlet SA, I can tell you that girl was very uneducated, or maybe just f&^$in' with you.

    Coach definitely has some limited edition bags in its full-price sector that were definitely in the "luxury" price threshold (comparable to say, Gucci, Dior, or Vuitton) in price point. but those bags hardly ever sell and are more a commodity than anything else. they're almost like a bargaining chip. I'm sure Coach knows the average Coach customer would be happy to pay for a Hailey but very likely wouldn't purchase the $1,000+ bag.

    I'm sure many of you know this, but what she probably was getting at and kind of messed up was this: in any Coach outlet, there are lines solely created for the Factory (many are styles taken directly from the full-price sector; styles that have been simplified or changed to suit mass-production or FACTORY/machine production, e.g. the Zoe). We also get product from the full-price sector that didn't sell, or even sometimes irregular or damaged (though lately, that's become much more infrequent, especially with the oversaturation of reject Poppy).

    Coach's image is that of the accessible designer, like Dooney and Bourke or Kate Spade. Many of their new bags definitely approach $1,000 and they've certainly taken a new direction in the past 5-10 years, but the basic philosophy is the same.

    end of story. :smile:
  14. ditto on the BSC SA... boutique and FP deletes are just regular stuff that didn't sell in the boutiques/mall stores
  15. there are no difference between one full price delete from another full price but there WAS a twenty thousand dollar bag during the 2006-2007 legacy collection if someone can guess..its one of my top five bags.

    when a bag goes 'off the floor' it usually is a) sent to the outlet b) consolidated into the flagship stores or b) sent to jax to hold. this has nothing to do with the price or exclusivity of the bag..but how well it has sold, whether it is a collection that is 'not suppose to go to the outlet', etc etc