Boutique putting new floorset out early

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  1. I just went to the boutique tonight and saw some of the new Madison accessories in the silver. The hadn't put out the silver Sabrina yet. There was a really cute op art kiss lock-type french wallet I liked. They also had some pilot siggy bags with silver mirror-like metallic trim in light pink and also light blue. And a gold one too.
  2. #2 Jan 19, 2009
    Last edited: Jan 19, 2009
    Are these items on the website as well, or not yet?

    What new colors are coming out in the Sabrina?
  3. OOO Any spy pics?
  4. No spy pics. Someday I'll have to figure out how to use my cell phone camera!
    They hadn't put the new Sabrinas out yet. They usually do the accessories first. There was the silver madison wristlet. Very pretty and so soft. I might need to put that on my wishlist. I did try to find out if there were going to be any real Valentine themed stuff and we couldn't find any in the booklet she had other than what is now on the website.
  5. My Macy's had some of the new stuff out this weekend...all behind glass so the pics on my phone didn't work!
  6. When is the official release date for the new floorset? I definitely want to see this silver sabrina in person.
  7. this questions is burning with me as well. when are they really supposed to have those new things out? last month the flower fobs came out and my outlets are propably only now displaying them... why?
  8. They are supposed to have the new floor set out on Friday.
  9. Thanks, can't wait to see what I can use my coupon on!

    cmm- did you see the flower fobs at your outlet already??