Boutique Patina vs Portero Resellers

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  1. I happened to be perusing both Boutique Patina and Portero and came upon the exact same Chanel Gray 12in. 227 reissue bag that both sites were selling. They both had the same serial number. Both claimed "excellent condition" and had the same pictures of the bag. One is slightly more expensive than the other. Now I'm curious, which one is selling the real thing? Links below... Thoughts?
  2. They are the same. Portero is just a bunch of different sellers. Patina uses Portero as well as ebay etc.
  3. I see, thanks, lallybelle for clarifying. With that said, I also thought that the stamping looked a bit odd. I've never bought from a reseller before so I'm quite weary, although I've heard a lot of good things about both sites. Any insight you (or anyone on this three) can provide, I would truly appreciate!
  4. Boutique Patina is a reputable seller.
  5. BP offers a discount if u buy directly through their site. It's more expensive via Portero because I'm assuming of the fees BP has to pay Portero for selling through their site.

    Speaking from personal experience, BP is a reputable site. Plus you can't go wrong with their complimentary Etinceler authetication service after you purchase your bag and the double your money back guarantee if Etinceler finds the bag to be a fake.
  6. Like many others have chimed in here, Boutique Patina is a reputable seller. They do sell on Portero, and so does Ann's Fabulous Finds, Trendlee, etc. You can always tell that those sites prices are lower than the Portero price, I am guessing because of the seller fee.

    From personal experience, BP is in my top three resellers for Chanel. the site does offer lower prices I think because of ongoing promotions (it's either a certain $ off or something else, they rotate them), but I think their Portero prices are highest, I think they are also on Ebay.

    I've looked at your bag on ATC (thanks for posting!) and the stamping is correct for this year/model. Like bisoux78 said, you can get a free Etinceler authentication too through them.

    Btw, once you shop pre-owned, it's very hard to go back to brand new from boutique! (Well, unless you also collect current-season seasonal (guilty)... but for classic staples, I always search preowned first...)

  7. thanks, roku! you mentioned that boutique patina is in your top three resellers. who else is on your list? and i do see how buying pre-owned can be quite addicting!