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  1. has anyone had any experience with this store? is it ligit?
  2. Hi, it is reliable.
  3. Yep. I bought some Valentino shoes there and they are real. I love Overstock. I have purchased so many things for the house there.
  4. I bought our master bedroom Spring Air eurotop mattress set for $400 cheaper than what it would have cost me to buy it at the local mattress store. No tax, free shipping. Overstock is the best.
  5. I bought some of my daughter's crib bedding there - saved me about $350 or so on each. I knew beforehand what I wanted though as well as the particular brands and just so happened they had it.
  6. Thank you to all that replied however i think some of you may be thinking of the store that i am curious about is called they say they get clothing from boutiques that have overstocked. they carry brands like vince, nanette lepore, lily mcneal, alice + olivia (my faves) and so many others. I assume everything is authentic and in good shape but does anyone out there know for sure???
  7. Wooops, yup, we all thought :yes:

    I haven't had any experience with but now that you got my attention, I'm going to look around... Thanks!


    Their products are cheap but there's not a whole lot of inventory per brand. I guess they're just new?
  8. Oops sorry! We did think it was the other one.
  9. ^ I've seen this site mentioned on She's pretty reliable with mentioning legit sites.
  10. thank you thithi!