boutique/outlet.. ID case?

  1. I'm looking for something with a window for license, ID & emergency card.. but NOT a wallet. can anyone suggest anything under say 100?
  2. Dooney makes a metro card case that I use it fits my id in a window and my debit card behind and one other card in the slot in the back. I would love to replace it with a different brand but I can't find one. so go take a look and see what you find. they have a plain one in different colors under the search of qt17 and it's only 35.00. I have had mine for about 1.5 years.
  3. Coach Outlet sells a hanging ID holder. I have one for my work ID.
  4. if you don't mind carrying a men's wallet. i believe they have what you're looking for exactly. a wallet that opens up, and one side is for the ID, the other side has two or three slots, i forget, for cards and such and they should be under 100$.
  5. ID Landyard $68
  6. Theres also a card case. $78
    I have 3 card cases, they are the best not as expensive as a wallet and they fit better for smaller bags.
  7. I didn't realize there were so many options!! What colors do they have for the ID with the leash?
    and those passcases! :love:

    Whats the buffalo leather like? and the legacy leather one.. and the vachetta one...
  8. I have a plain card case from the outlet that when you open it up has just two clear windows inside...was like $30 I think...usually they have them in lots of colors...
  9. I love the Coach card cases when I want to carry a small bag w/o giving up any of my various cards (credit, insurance, etc) They hold a LOT of cards and still have the nice ID window in the flap for a driver's license or other ID card. They also fit very nicely in many handbag front pockets, such as the Coach Legacy Leather Shoulder Bag, or the Rafe for Target bags.
  10. I would love to get the passcase, maybe by january if I could, but since I'm buying so much maybe I should go with the lanyard one?
  11. juicy has a cute one for 35 bucks... I remember seeing it in Saks or niemans...
  12. ^^thanks jadore! do you think they have it on their site?
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