Boutique or E-lux for Damier 25?

  1. Sooo, I have decided that I MUST have a Damier Speedy 25. This will be my first damier piece :tup: and I'm like a little inpatient kid. I'm in Chicago, work in downtown Chicago, not far from the boutique. If I go to the boutique I will have it right away but if I order from E-lux I'll save about $60 in taxes. What to do, what to do...enablers any help? :lol:
  2. Congrats! And yeah but if you order from elux you'll have to wait for it to be shipped to you, if you get it from the boutique you can have and use it right away. :yes:
  3. boutique, i always love the boutique experience.

    you can browse on other bags as well.
  4. If youre saving $60 in tax, there shouldnt be any question!!! Thats why I use elux, and they offer free shipping now.
  5. It is a lot of fun buying in the boutique especially since you can try on a lot of other items and walk out with a louis vuitton shopping bag. This will also help you establish a relationship with an SA. Part of buying luxury is the experience.
  6. If you don't need to save the extra $60 then I would buy it at the boutique. It's always so much fun to walk out with the LV bag.
  7. I had the same dilemma last week with the Excursion bag but I opted for the instant gratification of the boutique. I just simply rationalized by saying to myself that at least I am helping my favorite SA in some way or another. Besides, don't you just love the idea of walking out of a boutique with that BIG, BROWN BAG from Louis Vuitton?:cool:

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  8. Since you save $60 I say definitely elux. I don't save any money so I usually go to the store so I can have it right away and pick the one I want. But a perk of elux is you always get the full packaging without even having to ask. =)
  9. I order through eLux because I can save on sales tax. That $60 can go in my gas tank! Or for a dinner with my sweetie.
  10. I would go with eluxury.
  11. I guess I'm lucky, the boutique here is cheaper than elux and with tax it kind of evens out so I get it now plus get the better price :smile: Despite that I'd say boutique its worth $60 to me to have it now.
  12. Okay, being a person who never had the patience to order from elux (Last time I tried to think it over and order from elux, I ended up walking into the boutique to buy something else because I was so looking forward to the purchase)...I never made it to elux..........I think I get into these picky moods with the bag (eg, if I want made in france or if I want to look for scratches or perfectly white vachetta or a certain MC color combination), but if I can be not picky and if I can wait, I'd go on elux next time. Man, I can't wait for NYC to not have any more taxes on LV bags (hopefully the law will start this year!)
  13. If you don't mind to wait, it will be cool to save $60. I live in CA so elux won't work for me :sad:
  14. Thanks everyone! I'm excited to report that I am now the proud owner of a lovely Damier 25...she is a beauty!
  15. E-lux. put the $60 towards your next bag. :yes: