Boutique in Amsterdam?

  1. Is there a boutique in Amsterdam? If so, where is it located? Are prices different in Holland than in the US?

    I've tried to check LV online, but something must be wrong with my computer because after a page or two it switches to an online search site (quickbrowsersearch). Very weird. Normally images at some sites will time-out, but I've never lost a site before.

    Anyway, my dh will be on a business trip in Holland in March, and I'd like to plant a bug in his ear about a great souvenier he could bring me!
  2. I don't see any boutiques in Amsterdam on the LV site... :s

    There are LV's in: Berlin, Koln, Munchen, Dusseldorf, Hamburg, Frankfurt, Kampen/Sylt, Nurnberg, and Stuttgart.
  3. hihi, I live in holland. Yes, there is a boutique in amsterdam, it is located in the center, near the Casino. the street is called " P.C. Hoofdstraat", it is a very famous street, selling all the top brands, like CHANEL, GUCCI etc.

    PC Hooftstraat 65-67
    Amsterdam 1071 BP

    TEL:sad:31) 20 575 57 75
    FAX:sad:31) 20 575 57 76
    Opening hours : Mon:13h - 18h
    Tue,Wed & Fri : 10h- 18h
    Thur:10h - 20h
    Day(s) closed : Sunday
  5. I live there! I was in the LV shop yesterday!!!
    The prices are almost the same as France, but some items are a bit more expensive (around 10 euro's)
  6. I thought Amsterdam was in Germany!!!! :noggin: