boutique/catalogue question

  1. when you go to the boutique, is it possible to pop in and just ask to have a catalogue? do they charge for it, if that's all you need/want?
  2. Yeah you can go in and ask for it! If you have a regular SA to ask, even better. :yes:
  3. Depends, sometimes they just hand them to you. I went in once when my SA wasn't there and the girl at the counter tried to charge me $10 for it. I looked at her like she was crazy. And then I asked if my SA was there. She voided it and just gave me the catalog for free.
  4. if you and your SA have a good relationship, then it should be fine. i used to make up stories before.. like, you'd go in and look for a "gift" for a friend's birthday coming up.. and they'd show you like 2-3 things, then you say, "hmm.. i have to think about it, they're so hard to shop for! do you have the 'Le Catalog' that i could take, maybe i'll find something in there."

    that usually works if you don't have your own SA yet. :smile:
  5. oooh! good idea! i don't shop at any particular one, just wherever i feel like going that day, so i guess that makes sense!
  6. Ooooo I will try to use that pick up line too.
  7. I've asked a couple of times they won't give it free in the UK it's £7 (appr $14!) but they said I should wait because it's being updated for 2007 and it's not out yet but will be soon
  8. I have just walked in and asked for one and got it :smile:
  9. the store than i went, they have all catalogues out for people to take, doesn't have to ask...
  10. If they have one they should just give you one for FREE!!! I know someone said they were charged $12.00 or something like that, but they are FREE!!! Just ask for the LV Large Reference book!!
  11. The very first time we went to the LV boutique close to us my dh asked the SA for a catalog and she told us that it was $25~ Needless to say I purchased one item from her that night and have since changed SAs!
  12. hmmmmm. there was a stack of them, and this lady asked if they were free. the SA said "of course"
    so i just went and took one
  13. I just asked and got one for free.
  14. Some stores will give them out, some won't...but if you do buy and have an SA you use, it shouldn't be a problem.