boutique 9 shoes

  1. so i've been eyeing a certain pair of boutique 9 shoes for a while now. they're really cute. and i found them on sale at bloomies for $54. But-- they're expected to ship in the next 44 days, what does that mean?

    anyhow, then i found them on Amazon for cheaper ($34), so why not go with Amazon!

    a few qs though:

    1) anyone ever buy shoes from Amazon before? i never have. what are there policies like? can you return etc? is it a good idea to buy shoes from them?

    2) secondly, has anyone ever bought boutique 9 shoes before? what is the quality like? are they junky, etc?

    here are the shoes! tell me what you think! thanks!

    in black of course!
  2. ^ If you order directly from (not a 3rd party seller), they have a good return policy. You just have to go into your account online and print out an RMA number that goes in the box with the merchandise and a smart label for USPS. Then you can just drop them off at the post office and you should get your refund (minus return shipping) within ~2 weeks. If the shoes are defective in any way (wrong shoes, quality issues, etc) they'll send you a UPS label to return them for free. I've been ordering from them for 5 years and I've never ever had a problem...
  3. thanks! i'm going to get them!