Bourdain Disses Rachel Tonight!

  1. Tonight's episode of No Reservations has Bourdain asking a waitress in North Carolina about Rachel Ray who did an episode of $40 a day there. The staff at first didn't want to comment when he asked what she tipped and then said she left only 10% tip. Bourdain then held up a photo of Rachel and looked at the camera and scolded her for lousy tipping!
  2. He disses Rachel about every other episode. He is not a big fan.

    Edit to note that even her biggest fans will have noticed the tip issue. I don't think, at least I hope, that most people, even if they decide to visit the restaurants she features, will leave an actual tip, but I do think her producers should discuss it with her. Or maybe it is the producers who are in need of the discussion.
  3. I didn't like her to begin with... but now I dislike her even more. 10%? Come on lady.
  4. This is the first time he held up her photo to the camera and humiliated her to all his viewers....
  5. ^^^ We can only hope that it will be helpful to unsuspecting waitstaff who are so busy working double shifts that they have not seen her show, but being connoisseurs of good TV, naturally never miss TonyB, will now be able to recognize her when she approaches, and proceed accordingly.

    (And just in case there may be lurkers who are unaware of this, and wonder what all the fuss is about, if you go somewhere and order something that only costs $5, you actually tip MORE than 20%. 80-100% would not be a bad idea. Golden Rule. What tip would you wish to receive?

    Restaurants in the US are excempt from minimum wage laws, and the professionals who serve your food depend on tips for their livelihood.

    Thus, for a popular TV show to appear to give the impression that it is acceptable behavior to leave people next to nothing for tips is irresponsible and inexcusable).
  6. I agree ShimmaPuff... DH and I always tip MORE than enough. We usually frequent the same restaurants and our service is always amazing. They remember what we drink and what we order.
  7. i HATE the tipping example that rachel leaves (and i dislike her in general!). i'm in the service industry, not at a restaurant but in retail, and she shouldn't be publically encouraging people to treat us poorly. my standard tip is 20%, 15% if the service is only passable. i've left as much as 50% on a regular meal, more than 100% for a dessert or other small item. a couple extra dollars to show someone who is working hard to make you happy your gratitude is MORE than reasonable.
  8. I just love him! He's not stupid. He disses her because he knows she's not all she's cracked up to be. She's not a chef and the success of her career is an absolute miracle IMO.

    Off topic:

    I actually have a love/hate relationship with The Food Network. I love their challenges, Iron Chef and some of their other shows but at the same time, they leave a lot to be desired. Mainly, they are in GREAT need of more ethnically diverse hosts with their own shows. That really bugs me.
  9. n/m
  10. Well, in fairness, she doesn't claim to be a chef. On the contrary, one of her "selling points" is that she is not a chef, she is supposed to be more accessible, someone the viewer can identify with, and go, hey, look, this is just a regular person like me, she didn't study for years at some fancy school, so if she can cook her spaghetti in red wine and make it pink, so can I.

    So I think that is the "miracle." Although again, just to make sure we are being fair, while Rachel is not a chef, her family did own a restaurant and she worked in it from a very early age, so it is not like she was just sitting in her living room watching TV one day and suddenly decided to get herself a cooking show and start writing books of recipes!

    And the Food Network, as I understand it, had Tony, and dumped him, while eating Rachel up with a spoon, and Rachel is very popular and has made money for them.

    The Travel Channel grabbed Tony, and I assume he is making money for them, since they keep buying new episode clusters.

    But while I obviously am crazy about Tony and um, not a fan of Rachel, her appeal is broader. Her viewers don't care that she is not a chef, and some of them might not find Tony as "accessible."

    Very frankly, there are more viewers who will enjoy seeing "an ordinary person" make spaghetti and meatballs than will enjoy joining Tony on a visit to places they may have never heard of, eating unfamiliar foods, and making comments and jokes that might not be a good match for their frame of reference, but they can feel themselves to be quite the "Foodie" after watching a few episodes of Rachel and making expressions like "EVOO" part of their own vocabularies.

    I think it is just a question of different market segments, and the one Rachel appeals to just happens to be bigger!