Bourbon Sienna

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  1. ~Gettin' in line in case that money suddenly shows up ....hee!~

    Plenty of 10% and $30 coupon codes floating around ladies if you're interested in this bag. :yes:

    One caveat, however; I believe a couple of ladies purchased a bourbon sienna from Bluefly only to have it arrive in a condition that screamed 'previously worn and returned'...that or had a bag arrive that had TONS of oxidation on the brass Kooba logo plates as was common with the pebbled bourbon, black and raisin siennas.

    But then again....I've also heard from ladies who have had NO problems with this bag.
  2. honestly for that chunk of change OFF the retail price i'd probably clean that bag up and use the hell out of it any wayz. i'm notorious for beating my bags up and that bag looks like some strong leather. i'd LOVE to see how it ages with use. hehehe

    (although, if they're gonna sell used bags they might as well say "Used Bags"... Lord knows we'd still buy em!)
  3. ViciousBliss - I bought a Bourbon Sienna from Bluefly and it was pristine. Bourbon is really a gorgeous color and the leather looks like it does not have to be babied. :hysteric: I love mine!
  4. azureartist: How long ago did you buy yours? I probably shouldn't even be asking. I'm trying to back off buying until July! :P
  5. haha unfortunately i've been looking at nothing but bright bright squishy leather by Miu Miu and Prada so i don't know if this could possibly be my next bag but i do know it's on the get me list :yes:
  6. KoobaMe - I bought it back in mid-Feb 2008. They had over 40+ in stock at the time. Looks like they are down to 2.