Bourbon Sienna for $375 on bluefly!

  1. Thanks for the info. I wonder if this is one of the returns that keeps going out and coming back in. Same thing happened w/ a bourbon Sienna from NM. The bag arrives and the recipient immediately returns it because it's in less than stellar condition.

    Whomever snags it, I hope it's a good one! :smile:
  2. Oh shoot, I hope it's a good one, too. I just got so excited to see one listed that I had to share.
  3. Always share! I'm glad you did - I'd love to find a good bourbon Sienna. I was one of those who got a used/returned one from NM and now I'm leery. Maybe I'll find one on eBay one of these days.:yes:
  4. I saw that bag on Bluefly today! Do you think they would tell where they got the bag or how many they have in stock if someone were to call them? The Frankie is now gone, by the way.
  5. Frankie's back up just in case some lucky gal is interested. Thanks for posting these sales, by the way.

  6. Hi, I was actually just looking at this Sienna and read your post. Is this a common problem with Bluefly? I just ordered two bags from them, but haven't ever done so before. I was assuming all their merchandise was new and in good condition...:s
    If not, how do you know what's OK to buy?
  7. I've got mostly great stuff from Bluefly. But I did get a very balled up wrinkled Chloe that was 1200.00. I returned it and it showed right bag up. They obvioulsy didn't care that it was a wrinkled messed up bag. My friend got a Pink Kooba that kept showing back up after they sold out and it had gum in the pocket. But I got a beautiful one form them right before that. It's kinda iffy on these repetative returned bags. BUT, Bluefly did tell me how many were in stock of their Terraine Carlas at one time. So no loss in asking.
  8. Thanks for the info! Next time I'll check to make sure there's more than one, and I'll hope for the best with the two I ordered already. They still show up online so that's probably a good thing.
  9. I think I'm up to 6 bags from them now--*gulp* and they have arrived in perfect condition. They weren't all Kooba but that shouldn't make a difference.

  10. Hiya:

    99.9% of what I've purchased from Bluefly has been perfect. I have had one return. I think it was a certain couple of bags that looked as though they were passed around. I don't know if you call and ask if the individual would have any clue as to a bag's condition. I think you just have to assume all is new and unused and if you receive a bag with a problem, return it.

    I don't think it's the norm with Bluefly, but as far as NM goes, it's happened way too often.
  11. This is funny. I returned a Bourbon Sienna to Blue Fly about 5 weeks ago. If it's the same one I returned, it's perfect. Nothing wrong with it, I just didn't like it enough to justify the price of a little over $400 if I remember. I also didn't care for the style in Bourbon. I have a bourbon Jillian and Paige, both of which I like. Just got an Espresso Sienna and I LOVE it.
  12. Oooh! Isn't that Jillian in bourbon wonderful??! The leather is just extraordinary! I envy your Espresso Sienna. I hope to find one someday, but right now I think I'm going to focus on making room for the new Spring bags! :graucho:
  13. The Jillian is WONDERFUL. So cute and I enjoy the compliments. Not to tempt you, but there is a nice Espresso on eBay now ending in about 4 days. But you're right Spring is in the Air. Can't believe how time is flying.
  14. There's a Bourbon Jessie at Bluefly for $297 if anyone is interested.