Boulogne´s zipper- normal?

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  1. Guys,

    Is this normal or not? Zipper is so twisty?

  2. I used to own a MC Boulogne and my zipper looked like this after a while, too! I also had a Silver Miroir (now sold) which the zipper did this after sitting in my closet for a few months (I never used it )..I guess it just happens??? :shrugs:
  3. Thanks!

    Maybe it´s because there isnt´t much stiffeners inside the bag? I don´t know...:wtf:
  4. ^^ It's funny you mentioned this because I was wondering if it was because I didn't have enough stuffing in my bag during storage as well!:confused1: I'm curious to see what other tpfer's thoughts are on this:yes:
  5. fill up the bag with a couple of shirts, try to stretch it out a bit starting from the inside..

    im sure this isnt normal and hope it fixes.
  6. hmm...
  7. I have one in mono and my zipper has never done that, even after sitting empty for a while.

    Good luck with fixing it.
  8. I had an mc boulogne and the zipper was like that, I tried everything to get it back to normal with no luck so I ended up selling it and just getting a different style.....
  9. I also have the monogram boulobge and it has never done this but it dosen't have the leather trim. Is it like this when it is full?

    Beautiful bag BTW!
  10. This is what mine looked like when it was stuffed full, it helped but as soon as I took the stuffing out it went back to looking like the one Goldfish2 has......
  11. I have MC Boulogne and I think it's normal. I checked eBay and found the similiar thing happened to all of preloved Boulogne. I guess it's due to too heavy stuffs I put inside :P
  12. I think the zippers on the Boulogne style do all kinds of weird things like this. Mine was poking upward like MCAddict's but it went all the way across and I had tried storing it both full and empty. Neither way helped.
  13. Thank you girls!

    It does look a little bit better when it isn´t empty. But whan I have normal stuff inside (keys, phone and wallet) inside it won´t look as good.

    I´m sad... I bougt this bag lightly used and this was a bonus suprise for me.:tdown: I really :heart: like the model and size it´s perfect to daily use.

    I have tried to carefully strech it and I have a towelinside the bag while it isn´t in use but haven´t got actual help yet.