1. <---continuing her search for a Monogram Multicolor.

    Anyone have the Boulogne? I can't find any pictures of it, or either Lodge in the visual aids thread. How come these two seem to be less popular?

    I've thus far ruled out:

    Anything that can't be carried on the shoulder...
    Anything too tiny (including cute little Shirley)...
    Sologne (awkward strap length and size...)

    Noe is adorable, but I already have a monogram canvas Noe. Kinda wanted a different style, but... eh.

    Have to consider the smaller Aurelia, too...
  2. My mom has one. It's nice, but a bit of a PITA to get into and out of because the zipper doesn't always lie flat.
  3. LOL - it took me a while to get the "PITA." :smile:
  4. I have a SO Damier Boulogne, and I like the bag, but I don't love it. It's mainly because of the fact that it's hard to get into, just as Janos614 states. Otherwise, it's a great shoulderbag, hangs nicely on the shoulder and is a nice size I think. I'm considering getting one in the new light Mini Lin color for summer.