Boulogne Datecode

  1. I was wondering if any LV experts out there know where I can find the datecode for the Boulogne. I purchased my bag from LV 5-6 years ago and I cannot seem to find it. Thanks in advance!:smile:
  2. I had the same exact problem. It's on the side. I needed a flashlight to see it.
  3. Found it! Thanks tons!
  4. This is eerie....I was just going to post the same question!

    I looked and looked in my Boulogne and still can't find my datecode (though I did learn that my bag was made in France :yes: ). Can someone please post a picture showing where the code is on the bag?

    Thanks for the help...after two weeks, I :heart: my bag and am trying to decide what the next purchase will be!
  5. I am not at home - but the code is on the side, closer to the the ends. I used a flashlight and found it right away.
  6. Ah, found it! I was expecting it to be embossed somehow...thanks for the help!