1. hi can someone please tell me wat the sizes are? and any pics of you holding it and whether it can fit on your shoulder as well? and any other information i should know about it.... thanks! photo was taken from ebay.
  2. hi....this bag comes in two sizes... one is really really big. theres a pic of jessica alba wearing one. the smaller size is adorable..... so be sure u get the dimensions of the bag beforehand. I believe the smaller size to be about thirteen inches long
  3. thanks d&grockstar! yeah cos theres some on ebay that im looking at and the dimensions are 15 inches across, so i want anyone that knows to tell me the dimensions or post any pics. i dont want the size jessica alba has, thats too big for me.
  4. Here you can see some pics of the smallest size:flowers:
    Paddy 002.jpg Paddy 003.jpg Paddy 004.jpg Paddy 005.jpg Paddy 001.jpg
  5. thanks a lot l_b.... i wanted fotos to see if you can wear it on the shoulder and u can! do u think its wider than the medium sized paddington or the dimensions are similar? btw i love the colour!
  6. l_b I love your bag! :love:

  7. Is higher than the medium size paddington..
    I will post a size comparison pic later:flowers:
  8. thanks l_b, my bf bought me the baby paddington and i actually prefer the medium sized paddington... but i dont wanna buy another paddington so thought the bouler would b a better idea... cant wait to see the comparison
  9. I think they are the same size... the big one is really really really really big... like luggage
  10. Here is a size comparison pic ( small bouler in mousse, Laof tan, Dark grey paddy , Edith and my Pinscher named Milly:flowers: )
    Mariolu 008.jpg
  11. hey d&g rockstar, jessica albas is the small one? i thought it was the big one until i saw ashlee simpsons and i think ashlees is the big one... i think its the small im after...

    thanks l_b for posting the pics, it looks roughly the same size as the medium paddy which is good... ill go for the small one! thanks again!