bought your holiday party outfit?

  1. what are you wearing to your work holiday party? pics?

    i cant decide what to get? pants and a cute top? dress? which bag should i plan it around?

    would love to see/hear what your going to do?
  2. Well...

    Ours is a very dressy dinner, so I always wear a semiformal dress. I don't like to repeat them from year to year (I'm a diva like that), but I'm getting tired of buying new ones every year because I always kind of feel like I don't have enough other places to wear them to justify spending the money.

    This year, I think I'll just go with the classic LBD I just bought (pic attached) instead of dropping $300 on a new dress especially for the dinner like I normally do. :rolleyes: I plan to wear it with my black satin pumps, pearls, and either my gold clutch or my black sequin clutch. :smile:
  3. Jen, that dress is mad cute!
  4. i love the nanette lepore skirt. ADOREABLE! We are flying to chicago for my dh company party. I have no idea what to wear. Its so cold there....I am thinking of not wearing a dress!!! Thanks for the cute ideas so far!
  5. That is an adorable skirt. Love it! :love:

    Not going to any work holiday parties ... thank goodness too, one less thing to worry about.

    For my sister's birthday (near Thanksgiving) I am going to be very Marc Jacobs meets Fall 2002 Prada: black lace and chiffon sleeveless top cinched with a royal blue belt with a rosette on the side; black wool pleated miniskirt; black over the knee stockings; black and off white spectator shoes with pearls; large pearl two strand necklace; honey colored fox scarf; pearl encrusted clutch.

    For mom's birthday, most likely I will be decked out in Roberto Cavalli: a gold print skirt as a dress with a large studded belt under the bust. Shoes tbd. Coat will probably be my leather trench with the fur collar.

    This can all change depending on what clothes I buy, whether I gain or lose weight, if I find something else I prefer to wear, etc.

  6. That dress looks stunning on you!
  7. CUTE skirt!:yes:
  8. My office holiday party is after work during the week at a NYC hotel. It's a hard event to dress for because I hate showing up in just another suit, but dressing up means it has to be something I can wear during the day at work. So, here's what I plan to wear:

    Black dress, a patent leather belt (which I still have to find), and my black patent Christian Louboutin prives (that I will change into after work) ... and since it's after work, I will likely be carrying my bordeaux patent leather Ramona.

    I've also been debating about wearing this red and black DVF wrap instead of the black dress (the red in it is a bit more vibrant IRL).
    black dress.jpg black prive.jpg red dress.jpg
  9. Steph - thank you!! I used your mom as an inspiration and I think I may have convinced my mom to wear one of my NL suits to an upcoming wedding :wlae:

    thank you msflutter, sonya, xikry5talix, and checkherout!
  10. stinam - i like the black dress! i definitely see that as being easily converted from a day dress to a night dress
  11. Thanks! I almost didn't try on that black dress because it looked boring on the hanger, but I loved it when I tried it.

    BTW, I love that NL skirt -- I'm a big fan of her clothing. :love: Have you seen the very sexy black satin corset top that can be worn with that skirt? I'll try to post a pic.
  12. We are having a full blown cocktail party at a chateau in France (which is made compulsory!) but I'm not buying anything new for the office holiday party, I just dig out something that I've bought this year that I am sure no one has seen me in yet so this year I'm wearing this Alberta Ferretti dress (very old: S/S 2006) which BTW is not this risqué because Ferretti's shop version is always a lot more reserved to satisfy the target audience.

  13. Alice & Olivia Dress.jpg

    I really want this one! :love:
  14. Cute!

    I hate the whole dressing for the company holiday party thing.... You can't wear anything special or fun (in my opinion), only boring things. I've never really been to one for myself, but I went to my ex's (he worked at a hedge fund) and felt kind of whorish in a pretty tame black Balenciaga flippy minidress and Gucci "geisha" platform shoes. My ex's comment was "why aren't you carrying a designer purse?" I told him I was, Alexander McQueen (this was before the Novak though). All the women there were in Chanel with Chanel flap bags. Only the backoffice women wore anything low cut and bright. I should have just worn a sweater twinset.

    That's why I usually throw some sort of girly cocktail or tea and dessert party at the Four Seasons. That way I get to wear some frou frou poufy tea length dress and jawbreaker pearls.